Syndicode Digest #7 Dice of ducks

Syndicode Digest #7 Dice of ducks
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Today is Monday evening (October the 3d). Warm and fuzzy to deliver our digest.

  • Rschema a good article, which present immutable goodness of having type constrained record-like objects in Ruby. Really pleasant to read.
  • Hamster gem which will help to build your code with fuzzy immutable objects. Are you ready for ruby 3.x?
  • Tme based estimates  won’t get you anywhere. In this article you will learn new way of creating business value.
  • Jenkins pipeline is the best tool for creating complex workflows. This article will help to setup you one.
  • React native android dev environment setup. From facebook. Helped me to become productive in 1.5 hours. This is polite intro why you will choose React native over other technologies. Here is the Quora answer, which you can use to bootstrap your React native experience.
  • Data science education primer of what courses you can select if you want to be self made data scientist.
  • Build android project in docker. When you want just start to work.
  • Awesome python
  • Best practises to use Node.js at scale
  • Example of Node.js application with chat and Express.js server
  • A bit outdated tutorial how to build your application with ionic 2
  • Here is a good premier how you can use Kotlin with Rx.java. Examples included
  • When you have trust, you can be hired. As a freelancer
  • New release of PostgreSQL now become much better and faster with new features
  • Build your web application with Go backend and Vue.js on frontend. Good for exploration

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