Syndicode Digest #8 – Kevlar Bridge

Syndicode Digest #8 – Kevlar Bridge
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Today is the Monday. Monday which is like Friday, but still Monday. And here we are, our new and sleek Syndicode digest!

You can find previous version here.


  • Select the right layout tool for the job. After getting acquainted with this information you will start working with the grids like a boss.
  • React props  learning resource right after Dart Vaider. You’ve been warned.
  • Say hello to Flynn a good tool of doing deployment and managing infrastructure.
  • Beign Functional   actually will make you better. This medium article will help you understand why. Und be aware, it can turn you to the dark side.
  • Debug CSS will teach you how to debug css problems in many different situations as well as provide you with good instruments of doing that.
  • Clojure spec is the best test feature since beginning for clojure. Lein test isn’t an answer now.
  • Stop Inventing here is a good article from creator of Free Code Camp will show you world without self hoisted half buggy solutions you’re building sometimes. This liberation can lead you to a better programming styles some day.
  • Vim secrets is a charm collection of powerful ways of using vim and unix as you supercharged IDE.
  • Js frameworks and which one to use in 2016. Is a good article, enriched with cool graphics, which make choosing a javascript framework like a breeze


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