Syndicode issues new Policy Statement on COVID-19 and goes remote

Syndicode issues new Policy Statement on COVID-19 and goes remote
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On March 13, Syndicode introduced critical measures to ensure the safety of our employees, partners, and clients in response to the COVID-19 situation. These measures are also aimed at supporting the efficiency of our work.

As stated by Dmytro RomanchenkoCEO at Syndicode, from March 13, all employees are switching to remote work. No changes will be made in the efficiency of our services.

For more than 5 years, we have elaborated well-established practices of working as a remote team for our clients worldwide, primarily in Europe and the United States.

Syndicode follows clear and streamlined procedures that are crucial for a software company to stay effective in such a challenging time for the world community. Our success as a distantly working team is supported by the high praise from our clients.

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We are united, cohesive, and driven with a goal to provide first-class software development and design.

Within the new Policy Statement, Syndicode has implemented the following measures that are already fully executed:

1. All offices of Syndicode company are closed

Kyiv and Dnipro departments are closed. The events and meetings are either postponed or transferred to the video conference mode.

2. All operations are gone fully remote

Syndicode’s employees will work from home, which is the best thing to do in the current situation. We have all the software needed to streamline the working process without losing productivity.

3. All business trips are canceled

Despite a number of planned business meetings abroad, all of them are canceled to ensure the safety of our team, partners, and clients.

4. No changes in the efficiency of our work

Thanks to streamlined processes of working as a remote team, we continue delivering top-quality services to our clients. Less than 24 hours are needed to transfer all our capacities and adopt them for the remote work.

5. The support group is created

Our top managers directly support any issues regarding COVID-19 that might occur within our team. Employees are welcome to contact 24/7 if any help might be needed.

Syndicode is grateful to our clients and partners for support and understanding. Please contact us if any issues occur:Contact Syndicode

No interruption – Syndicode works as usual during this difficult period for the world community.

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