Syndicode posters. O is for Observation!

Syndicode posters. O is for Observation!
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The Syndicode name is filled with inspiration. Each letter means something we really believe in. These are motivational and inspirational expressions and phrases that start with one of the letters from Syndicode name help us to deliver the outstanding software we can be proud of. Created by O’Lena Postoi in Cinema 4D these Syndicode posters will now decorate Syndicode office in Kyiv. Meet the second of Syndicode posters. O is for Observation!

Software development is a juvenile work. O is for Observation.

‘Accuracy of observation is the equivalent of accuracy of thinking’. This quote by Wallace Stevens resonates to Syndicode’s observation approach. To develop the best solution we should be very accurate and don’t miss any single detail that could affect the further results. That is why we should be accurate, precise and concentrated. Our first meet with the future project and its requirements is the perfect time to show the accuracy of our observation. And we don’t hurry with the conclusions until all the consequences are predicted. That is our accuracy of thinking.

Watch the whole series of posters when each letter transforms into an inspiring quote. Boom! Enjoy.

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