Syndicode posters. S is for Smile!

Syndicode posters. S is for Smile!
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The Syndicode name is filled with inspiration. Each letter means something we really believe in. These are motivational and inspirational expressions and phrases that start with one of the letters from Syndicode name help us to deliver the outstanding software we can be proud of. Created by O’Lena Postoi in Cinema 4D these Syndicode posters will now decorate Syndicode office in Kyiv. Meet the fifth one of Syndicode posters. S is for Smile!

Software development is the field that demands the highest level of responsibility. And the burnout is the main risk for great developers. That is why top professionals try to take their work (whatever they fail or succeed) with humor. The smile brings a good mood to developers, saves their lives and affects the work quality in a good way. S if for Smile!

‘Nothing you wear is more important than your smile.’ This quote by Connie Stevens shows how we take our life and our work in Syndicode. Being serious doesn’t mean you shouldn’t smile. Viceversa! You can be serious but you should enjoy what you do. And your smile is the indicator for that! When you smile it shows how you like something. The positive approach to every single piece of code we do makes us happier and more relaxed as we sure about every action we take. The smile is the other way to show our proficiency and open-mindedness.

Watch the whole series of posters when each letter transforms into an inspiring quote. Boom! Enjoy.

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