The most annoying UI techniques

The most annoying UI techniques
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Surely, you use them, and, of course, you will not give up on these techniques even they irritate users. But, at least, you will know about them and hopefully try to make them more attractive and interesting. So, what are the most annoying UI techniques for users?

First of all, we’d like to say that all of techniques we will name in this article are powerful instruments. But to gain success they have to be correctly implemented. And you have to understand that there are many other things users hate, but we listed only Top 3 of them that appear comparatively often.

  1. Pop-ups
    This is the most significant instrument to interrupt your reading process. A huge overlay asking for your email address. When it appears most users tend to close overlay or to close an entire page with this overlay.
    How to deal with it? You need to give users what they want. Probably, at the moment of unexpected pop-up interruption user was busy with reading or exploring the page. So don’t switch them to completely different activity before asking and annoying. Give them a chance to finish the current activity and decide if they’re staying on the page. With this approach you have higher chances to get their attention and not have your page simply closed.
  2. Infinite scrolling
    Never-ending page… Do you know this feeling when you scroll through a massive chunk of content with no finishing-line in sight? This technique is not a universal solution for every site or app. Simply because users can not bookmark their location on the page and come back to it later. Their loosing all the progress after leaving site: to get back – go for scrolling again. As a result this technique hurts the overall user experience.
    How to deal with it? If your site or service works like Twitter or Instagram this technique will fit you the most. Here users will not look for anything particular. But for other cases better think of pagination. The choice depends on the context of a design and how that content is delivered. To see some suggestions you can check this material: Infinite Scrolling Best Practices
  3. Push notifications
    Be honest: how often you turn them off? The answer will be based on type of alerts you actually care about. Because of annoying notifications people even uninstall mobile apps. Push notification is a kind of privilege because users trust you by allowing you to send this notifications to them.
    How to deal with it? Extremely important to design push notification revelant and useful. And if you can bring them at the right time – it could bring you great engagement.

Now you know. So appreciate and respect your users by creating the best interface for them.

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