Tips and methods to write a better Ruby code

Tips and methods to write a better Ruby code
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‘Ruby is simple in appearance, but is very complex inside, just like our human body’. This quote by Yukihiro Matsumoto, the chief designer of Ruby, means a lot for Rubyists. Ruby is intuitive and beautiful but has many work secrets that you don’t realize. And knowing them will obviously make you a better developer, because if you know how it works – you’re able not only using it but are empowered to improve it! Here we collected for you some tips and methods to write a better Ruby code. Read and use!

Ones we already shared with you 5 Ruby methods you should be using to write a better code. But the learning is a loop, so repeating and improvement will definitely help you to empower your development skills.

To make sure, that your code is legible, modular, and concise let’s start with

Ruby best practices:

  • ‘case/when’ and ‘unless/until/while’ conditionals, instead of lengthy ‘if’ statements, allow you to check whether a variable is set to many different values and is particularly useful when responding to user input.
  • to group together a collection of inputs into an array use the splat (*) operator for methods with a variable number of inputs.
  • using ‘monkey patch’ pre-defined methods you can easily rewrite predefined methods so they work better for our specific needs.
  • avoid for loops and use the ‘each’ method with a block.
  • use symbols instead of strings in hashes.
  • the double bang (!!) is an elegant way of creating the common ‘does some variable exist?’ (to determine if a value exists) method.
  • don’t write comments for a wrong reason (‘Good code is like a good joke: it needs no explanation’).
  • if possible, make your code shorter using ternary operators.
  • avoid using ‘before_action’ to set variables: use a memoized finder instead.
  • use Symbol garbage collector (GC).

Thanks to Toptal EngineersHannah Squier and Takehiro Mouri for these tips!

Interesting methods to write a better Ruby code

Thanks to Jesus Castello for this scope!

You can write Ruby methods yourself too. But when doing this, remember about the composed method technique that has 3 simple rules:

  1. Each method should do a single thing;
  2. Each method needs to operate at a single conceptual level;
  3. Each method needs to have a name that reflects its purpose.

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