TOP-5 frameworks for Node.js

TOP-5 frameworks for Node.js
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We couldn’t pass through this list. And we are dying to search lists, comparisons, advises – everything that can make our work easier, faster and better. You know what is takes to keep up with cutting-edge technologies. And for this material we propose you to read the latest information about TOP-5 frameworks for Node.js

Node.js as far as you know can be used both on the desktop as well as server apps. It is more efficient than other Java servers and flexible enough for working with desktop and mobile.  And here is the TOP-5 frameworks for Node.js you have to be acquainted with:

1. Diet:
It is a modular framework that can help programmers make their apps faster. Diet manages anonymous functions and establishes middleware pipeline.

It is useful for programmers in two ways. First, it can be used to build high quality decoupled tools, and also a web application to packs all these tools together making them easier to use for application development.

3. Adonis:
This is another MVC framework with an inversion of control container, to solve dependency issues. Adonis has tools that support and lets you generate programs having required dependency.

4. Kraken:
This is an open source project where you can use modules such as kappa (NPM proxy) or LUSCA (security) even though Kraken is the primary module of the framework.

5. Sails:
This framework makes it really easy for building node.js apps that are customized and enterprise quality. It can emulate MVC patterned framework such as, Ruby on Rails but gives them support to suit the requirements of the modern applications.

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