TOP GitHub alternatives in 2018

TOP GitHub alternatives in 2018
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We all use GitHub. Everyday. But it’s not the only one solution, and you are probably aware of Bitbucket or GitLab. So let’s get down to the list of the main GitHub competitors who provide private and public repository in 2018. They are TOP GitHub alternatives in 2018.

GitHub is the leader because of the plethora of solutions for programmers’ comfort like the ability to create ‘organizations’ and so on. And it seems that in the nearest future it will remain its leader status.

But what about the existing alternatives? Here are

TOP GitHub alternatives in 2018

  1. Bitbucket
  2. Beanstalk
  3. GitLab
  4. Kiln
  5. SourceForge
  6. Cloud Source by Google
  7. GitKraken

Enjoy! This list was created by Neeraj Mishra. Read his original material to find the details about all the services we placed above.

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