Types of mobile applications

Types of mobile applications
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More and more people choose the comfort of mobile applications that can provide more and more PC-alike functions no matter where you are. But are you familiar with the types of mobile applications? If you aren’t sure, this article is exactly to check this.

We use so many different applications on our mobile devices every day. Depending on the way they are developed, there are the next main types of mobile applications:

  1. Native apps are mobile apps built for a single operating system. Usually, they are developed for the iOS operating system. The developers more likely will be using such software as Objective-C, Swift for iOS, Java, and ADT for Android, NET(C#) for Windows. They are good for consumer-focused apps and sometimes for developing games.
  2. Mobile web apps are mobile apps for creating web browsers running in mobile devices. They can work on different mobile operating systems and on PC web browsers. The developers more likely will be using such software as HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery
  3. Hybrid apps are mobile apps that combine both native and mobile web apps qualities. They are quite easy to use and fast to build. The developers more likely will be using such software as HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, Mobile Javascript frameworks, Cordova/PhoneGap, etc.

The core technologies for their development are gathered in our material.

As we mentioned there are also

Categories of mobile apps

These categories depend on the field of using. These include:

  • gaming apps,
  • business app,
  • educational apps,
  • lifestyle apps,
  • utility apps,
  • entertainment apps,
  • travel apps.

We’ve done tens of mobile applications and have some conclusions about their necessity, areas where they can be used and the need for them. You can read more about how important mobile apps for logistics companies.

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