Updated Double Diamond model for the design process

Updated Double Diamond model for the design process
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“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” Today’s post is exactly about the design process and the explanation about how it works. We are happy to inform you that there is an updated Double Diamond model for the design process arrived! And we have already started using it!

The Double Diamond model of the design process, in fact, is the most used model for structuring design projects. This year the creators updated its version and now the new version is significantly changed:

The Updated Double Diamond model
  • They added the model Framework For Innovation. Using design in the field of technologies is becoming a popular trend.
  • Four other aspects were added to the model of the design process as design principles, design methods, engagement, and leadership.
  • The blue circles were added, so people can see the iterative nature of the design.
  • The new design principles were added, as
    User-Centered Design: “be people-centered”
    Visual Thinking: “communicate visually”
    Co-creation: “collaborate and co-create”
    Agile / Lean Startup: “iterate, iterate, iterate”

To read more about the New Double Diamond Design Process, check this material.

The Double Diamond model is great for the design and development process, but this is just an approach to implement critical features for a high-quality product.

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