User research tools list in 2018

User research tools list in 2018
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You should remember our list of 36 useful resources for UI and UX designers. We did a great job there! But now’s the time to show you something else that also matters for a good design. As far as user research is the first thing should be done before the design creation, meet user research tools list in 2018!

To avoid you being overwhelmed with the number of available options, we picked the best ones for you.

Best user research tools list in 2018

  1. Typeform for surveys and feedback forms. A lot of room to get creative with use cases as well as look and feel.
  2. Loom for screen capturing. This is a browser plugin for in-person and guided remote testing. Allows commenting, audio/video recording, and video downloads.
  3. UserBob for learning what people thinking about your app or a website. You get a screen and voice recording to help you discover usability issues. You can choose the demographics of users.
  4. Lookback is also great but is significantly more complex and has a lot of permission gates, especially if you need to record a remote user.
  5. Chatfuel for chatbot prototyping when faking it as a human is not enough. This is a great start for doing basic conversational interfaces and understanding scope and complexity of the required chatbot.
  6. InVision for design prototyping. One of the most famous tools that allows seamless design communication with your design team members.
  7. Adobe XD for rapid prototyping. The InVision vs XD debate will forever live on but really it’s a personal choice. XD is a single and local tool that allows building, link, and test live. The mobile app live-preview functionality is really helping! The downside of the tool is that it does not yet allow for sticky elements.
  8. Milanote for ideation and quick flows. Easy to use tool that allows you to build inspiration boards, gather ideas with visual elements, create simple flows, journeys, and mockups.
  9. Koncept for creating different fidelity prototypes. This is a tool that makes it easy to build an interactive prototype out of your static designs.
  10. UsabilityHub for optimizing the clarity of your designs by measuring first impressions. With this tool, you can ask people what they recall from seeing your design for five seconds. If your design left the good impression you can try a much riskier UI and iterate!
  11. Balsamiq for creating fast, hassle-free website mockup to gather pre-coding feedback. The software has a ‘pencil-and-paper’ feel, allowing you to quickly sketch a design and receive feedback before you go through all the trouble of implementing your design.
  12. Pidoco for quick, clickable prototyping. With an easy-to-use interface and sharing and collaboration features, Pidoco makes it simple to create an entire website, receive feedback and test your design before launch.
  13. MockFlow for both websites and mobile apps. It is a solution for those looking to design flexible user interfaces. Depending on your needs, this program offers individual tools for website design, website building, and team collaboration.
  14. Proto.io for designing mobile applications with rich prototyping experience. Use this helpful tool to design fully-interactive app prototypes with media, animations, and touch events. It’s perfect for testing and gathering feedback before launching your app.
  15. Helio (‘Verify’ in past) to find out what users think of your screens or mockups before they go live. Testing ideas and getting feedback before implementation in this way can help you save tons of time and reduce unnecessary rework.
  16. UserTesting for uncovering ‘the why’ behind customer interactions. You’ll have the ability to choose the user profiles that you’d like to survey and they even offer a service for you to see real-time video of test participants using your site or app.

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