UX design scenarios

UX design scenarios
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As we all know “The perfection is achieved not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” User scenarios help you check how your design will work from the very beginning. Nowadays we can create multiple users scenarios, formalize ideas and take creative approaches to your ideas. It’s better to know different UX design scenarios before creating a project.  

A user scenario is just a basic story of the wanted goal. that a user wants to accomplish. They can be very detailed and usually describe the current situation in a system or the intended result.

When do you need a scenario mapping? Good question! And we have an answer. It’s useful in every step:

  • Ideation stage – when you have just an idea of a project, then having scenario maps makes helps in exploring ideas with your team and users.
  • Iteration stage – provides you with the possibility of creating a map by observing users with the same product.
  • Usability testing stage – you can use user scenarios to understand the most important areas you need to test.

Scenario maps were not invented to have every interaction with a system or product written and remembered but rather to select the most important ones. Don’t try to cover everything! Leave some space for improvisation.

More on the UX scenarios read here. Or learn more about the pyramid of user needs we described.

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