UX vs. UI

UX vs. UI
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Syndicode has very strong skills in UI/UX design. And yes, UX is not the same thing as UI. We’d like to explain you the main differences between UI and UX. Read UX vs. UI and you will find out that one of them is the process and the other is the space for interactions. Dive deeply to find more.  

This article aimed to help you navigate in terms and understand the power of user experience.

Despite that everybody talks about UX and UI (often in the same context) the meanings are always different, not many of us know what exactly they stand for. Let’s start with some definitions.

UX (User Experience) —  the overall experience of a person using a product such as a website or a computer application, especially in terms of how easy or pleasing it is to use.

UI (User Interface) —  is the space where interactions between humans and machines occur.

This picture might help to see the difference:

So the user sees UI and does the UX with it. Or, in other words: UI stands for the form and UX stands for the functionality.

  • Improving User Experience means to cut down on a number of actions user have to do for reaching the goal.
  • Improving User Interface means to attract the user and make him or her love the design of the page or an app, to feel comfortable staying there.

UX is tightly connected with UI. If we take a look at the picture above we’ll be able to explain the sense of the “soup – spoon” interaction. Even the fanciest spoon wouldn’t be able to make a bad soup taste good. And the best UI would not save the user from a bad User Experience. At the same time, even the best soup in the world served in a flat dish (bad UI) will guaranty the worst User Experience. Therefore, a good UI is an integral part of a good UX.

What are the parts of UX?

  1. the UI (even with the best scheme to navigate and the most advanced procedure for user’s interactions, UX worth nothing without colors and shapes)
  2. the user research (to create the most comfortable interaction structure)
  3. the robust, well-optimized and bug-free code (yes, developers have to work hard for the good UX)
  4. the customer service (to support the user and prevent him or her from facing difficulties and misunderstandings)

The parts of UI are not so easy to define. Apart from the good taste and understanding of the space, shape, and color, there must be some intuition included and the ability to keep up with the latest trends. All these things come to designer with practice and years of experience.

To create an attractive and functional design you have to understand:

  • Information Architecture
  • User Research
  • Usability Testing
  • Visual Design
  • Psychology
  • Patterns of human interaction
  • Empathy and Emotional designs and many more things…

But no worries! Syndicode’s team include the best specialists in this field to create UI and UX design that users will love.

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