Vector-like CSS illustrations

Vector-like CSS illustrations
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There are many great tools and features about CSS that we try to show you on our blog. This time we are happy to present you the work of vector-like CSS illustrations.

The fun part, from illustrating with code, comes when writing the CSS. But with a Vector-like CSS illustration creating a responsive illustration is no longer a hassle. And also achievable in a matter of seconds, just like its maintenance in the future, in case it needs resizing or new illustration elements.

By 2018 browser support for CSS native variables only got better and better, until today – 2019. Over those years, more CSS variables experiments were done by CodePen, including complex calculations with calc . And now the vector-like CSS illustrations can be modular, responsive and scalable.

By declaring one main global CSS size variable, one can easily create dependent CSS size variables to work proportionally, and one can resize that CSS variable inside a media query. Creating responsive vector-like CSS illustrations, easily without much work, is possible thanks to native CSS variables. Just one global CSS size variable and you’re ready to go.

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