Verifying the quality of a Ruby on Rails development agency

Verifying the quality of a Ruby on Rails development agency
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As a RoR development agency, we have already shown you some reasons why outsourcing is important in our previous material. Also, we understand that you have to be careful while choosing a software development agency to cooperate. The team you choose must meet the criteria we mentioned in our article about web application development. But let’s take a closer look at verifying the quality of a Ruby on Rails development agency.

Ruby on Rails development team or even agency is not just people who will build your product. HIring an agency you receive also its base of knowledge and the way they collaboratively develop your software.

Reasons to verify the quality

When you found a team you trust and believe to provide the best software development quality, how will you control the work of this team? How to verify the skill and experience level of a Ruby on Rails development agency?

Well, the only one way to do it is jumping into the process. Do it for two reasons:

  1. Make sure they know what they’re doing. Define how they are organized.
  2. If you’re a startup, or you have just embarked on your business journey, you can learn a lot from a mature company and pick up their tools and processes instead of reinventing the wheel.

Conditions should be preset

When you in the negotiation process, there are several things you should set before the start of the work:

  1. Methodology
    Despite many say that a professional external development team should be Agile, it is not obvious you want to take Agile method to your development. Just keep in mind that the team you choose should be able working Agile.  But if you prefer any other methodology, make sure you told your development agency about it before the start.
  2. Communication channel
    Plenty of communication channels are available to you so that you can reach your development team whenever you need to. But define the main one to avoid misunderstandings. Make sure you expect the status to be shared in the channel you defined. Avoid communicating in a chaotic way sending messages to different channels at the same time. If you use several channels (for some reasons), make it clear every channel has a purpose.
    That is not your obligation to set the communication channels and you can ask your agency about it. But as a client, you have a preference to set or to choose a channel you feel comfortable with.
    For example, Slack, Asana, Google Hangouts, email and the other tools. You can find the list of them in our article about tools to boost your workflow.
  3. Define practices
    When choosing an agency, ask about the processes and practices. Are you comfortable with how they do things? Their practices have taken the agency years to implement and master, and you get to skip the hard part and get to access them right away.
  4. Timeline and benchmarks
    You can have your own project timeline. But the agency could be more precise in dates. The software development team know technologies and can confirm or deny your time calculations. Negotiate the development timeline in details with transitional benchmarks as early as possible. Time is money.
  5. Additional expenses
    Everything can happen. Maybe you will want to add some extra features. So the price and time for implementation should be discussed at the very beginning for you to calculate your budget. Nobody likes surprises in software development and extra unexpected expenses.

Working with Ruby on Rails development agency is the cheaper option. The cost of familiarising developers with a new technology is absent – you choose the agency based on the technology you need, for instance, you can choose Syndicode if you were looking for a Ruby on Rails development team. You don’t have to provide office space, equipment, and testing equipment – basically none of the material stuff necessary for building an app. No need to worry about software and a test infrastructure. You can skip trying to gather the exact set of skills necessary for your project – a good agency will offer DevOps, backend and frontend development, UI and UX design, as well as product and graphic design. We can provide all of these.

Altogether, it often makes sense not to invest in your own development team before you even have proof of concept for your product. Consider MVP if you have no complete idea of your product’s features.  It’s also important to work with an agency that will offer you the full spectrum of tools and strategies available. If you still have doubts about this approach, feel free to contact us.

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