Visit IT Day Kherson 2018!

Visit IT Day Kherson 2018!
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Сontinuing our previous topic about IT education in Ukraine we’d like to say that here in Ukraine we do have outstanding specialists! Talented and curious, they solve all kind of challenges regardless their complexity. They’re simply the best! And there are many talented IT professionals from Kherson who leave their city looking for more opportunities, career development, and salaries. Sadly, this happens also with the entire companies, investors, and educational centers. They follow the IT professionals, so the circle becomes vicious. How to make specialists stay in Ukraine? IT Day Kherson found the solution and is ready to motivate local software engineers! Visit IT Day Kherson 2018 to unlock great opportunities here in Ukraine!

Save the date! April 28-29 visit the biggest IT conference in sunny Kherson!

Visit IT Day Kherson 2018!

For talented IT specialists to stay in Kherson they should have the motivation. And we know where to find it! By staying the specialists can improve the quality of life in Kherson via IT sphere development. And this is the great benefit for the developers too. All together we can make this city a perfect hub for the future software development in Ukraine.

IT sphere opens a lot of opportunities for the city:

  • Economic growth and filling of the budget: IT – sphere is # 3 for export of services and contribution to the GDP of Ukraine (3.3%), which will grow by 150%+ in 3 years.
  • Workplaces: 420,000+ people work in IT and related areas.
  • The quality of life: IT professionals build the true “middle class” who has high official incomes and pay taxes.

That is why it is so important to develop IT sphere in Kherson.

IT Day Kherson aimed:

  • To build a community of professionals, investors, companies, and educational centers to develop the IT sphere in Kherson.
  • To share the information about IT industry benefits and involve more talents, as they are a fuel for the IT industry growth.

Just visit IT Day in Kherson on 28-29th of April and find out your opportunities! There you will become a part of Kherson IT community and understand the main software development trends and IT companies’ prospects for 2018.

Read all the details, discover announced streams and speakers on the official event site!

Also, stay tuned and track the event news on Facebook.

See you there!

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