Vital steps to launch your app

Vital steps to launch your app
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Here in Syndicode, we develop many kinds of applications. So we can see what common steps for their launch can be taken. And as usual, we’re ready to share with you all the important information about vital steps to launch your app. 

Whatever you work with outsourcing or lead your own team for the desired app, you should know the primary path for getting minimal viable product using less time and money. But it should be also flexible for the future changes. And high-quality. And there are more features you wish you could know before the actual launch.

To be honest, there are too many things prevent you from getting the result you wanted. The client can put too much pressure on you or the project ecosystem can be fast-paced. Or, what is happening very often, the project planning might be poor. As we wrote in our previous article about programmer’s occupation: you rarely obtain the result you want if you cannot ask yourself the right questions from the very beginning.

For the application development these questions can sound like:

1. What features should have the app?

For launching the entirely new app you have no need in the bunch of different features. Less is more. Not to make your users confused, choose only several basic options you want to have. If you will focus on a core set of features, you will achieve three things:

  • Users will complete their tasks (and that is what will boost your retention)
  • Chances of malfunctioning will be minimized (fewer functions = fewer chances)
  • The app can be released faster

2. Are you going to test the app by yourself?

That is a mistake. Because of the deadlines, sometimes, developers think their feedback would suffice. But to spot bugs, unresponsive gestures or general flow issues, you need to hire third parties. People who worked on an app are the wrong people to test that app. You are developing your app for a particular group of end-users. And don’t let them be your beta testers.

3. What are your key performance indicators?

By the KPI measurable values, you can determine the success of your app. You need to have a clear vision of where you want to go with your app, and how you want your users to behave when using it. Apart metrics you should try to predict their values. Keep an open mind about which KPIs to track.

4. What researchers should you provide to develop and launch your app?

When building an app, all data that you gather is valuable, yet not all data is quantifiable and numerical. Some things just cannot be said in numbers, but that does not mean they cannot shape your app. For example, those unquantifiable elements can actually define your app’s UX. By utilizing a qualitative analytics platform to assess your app during pre-launch, you can see every facet of a user’s unique experience. This enables you to effectively reproduce and squash bugs, and accurately gauge users’ expectations before propelling your app into the massive app empire.

5. What is your app’s navigation?

Poor navigation can wreak havoc on your user engagement. For example, one research says that the hamburger menu cuts user engagement in half. Good navigation is not an easy thing to achieve, but with qualitative analytics, A/B testing and a bit of brainstorming, the best fit for your app can be determined.

From the questions mentioned above, you can easily get the vital steps to launch your app:

  1. Deciding on features
  2. Considering on testing
  3. Determining the KPIs
  4. Providing research for qualitative data (user experience, types and sizes of the devices and so on)
  5. Deciding on the navigation through the app

These five steps are primary and basic yet vital if you want to build and launch a good app.

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