Vuetify 2.0 released

Vuetify 2.0 released
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The world is constantly changing, new technology appears every day, new updates released. The developers are creating new tools and try to improve the old versions of the ones existed before. Today’s article is going to be an example of such a case. We are glad to announce that new Vuetify 2.0 released!

Here, we collected for you some of the most important features of the new version. It’s called Arcadia.

  • It has more than 250 new examples
  • Improved descriptions with links to the related functionality
  • The information about Vuetify usage was improved and more examples and explanations added
  • New API design for components appeared
  • The new performance with lazy loading was created
  • Added an improved grid system
  • It was converted from stylus to sass
  • It was converted from JavaScript to TypeScript
  • It was converted from avoriaz to vue-test-utils
  • All styles and unit tests were moved into its corresponding component’s folder

We know you are curious to find out more, so we recommend to read this material.

If you are considering to hire some Vue developers, we can assure you that Syndicoders constantly master and update their skills, and even share some with you in the material about the best sources where to start and where to master with Vue.js. Well, now you know whom to ask about Vue development…

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