Web applications security by O’Reilly

Web applications security by O’Reilly
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In our blog you could find some useful information about security issues solutions in RoR. And today we want to present you the web applications security by O’Reilly. This practical guide will provide you with the latest information on how to thwart security threats.

O’Reilly offers exclusive content in the form books from the world’s best publishers. The latest O’Reilly Media Book about web applications security provides you with the latest information on how to thwart security threats at several levels, including new areas such as microservices. You’ll learn how to help protect your app no matter where it runs, from the latest smartphone to an older desktop, and everything in between.

Web application security is a central component of any web-based business. The global nature of the Internet exposes web properties to attack from different locations and various levels of scale and complexity. Web application security deals specifically with the security surrounding websites, web applications and web services such as APIs.

In this free report (25 pages), you’ll learn about attack vectors, such as DDoS, discover how to prioritize availability, confidentiality, and integrity in your threat defense and plan your next move to securing your web applications. You can download the book by Stephen Gates and Allan Liska here.

And here you can find a lot of advice from people who are involved in the web app development every day.

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