Website accessibility audit

Website accessibility audit
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We are greatly experienced in website development. We develop fully responsive static and dynamic websites with different types of content – from landing pages and blogs to e-commerce and video streaming. This time we decided to share with you how we cope with the website accessibility audit.

When the project is ready, there are some things it’s important to check right away:

  • Image descriptions
    This can be the first thing to check. For these purposes, it’s possible to use a browser extension where you can choose images or display their values.
  • Disable of styles
    It’s recommended to disable CSS on a page. This will help to check if the website works without CSS or if the images and icons have the right size.
  • Validation of HTML
    The validation will help you to find some bugs in your HTML.
  • The document outline
    This can be useful for finding engine users because they could search on your site moving from one heading to another.
  • Grayscale mode
    For checking grayscale mode you can use an extension called High Contrast. It will show you if your design work with color only.
  • Use of keyboard
    Check if all possible parts of the website can work without a mouse/touchpad.

The are many more things it’s better to check after finishing the project. We recommend to explore them here.

On our blog, you can find out some information on a website development process that will make you understand this process better.

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