Well-known sites built with Ruby on Rails

Well-known sites built with Ruby on Rails
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Probably, you know most of them. But still, its always a pleasure to find out that a site you use every day (or, at least, often) is built with Ruby on Rails web application framework. In this list you will find well-known sites that were created using Ruby on Rails.

The range of industries which using Ruby on Rails for their websites is really wide: from shopping, crowdsourcing and education to music, sports and entertainment.

1. Let’s start with Airbnb. AirBnb is the latest platform to disrupt established business by allowing travelers and visitors to find accommodations and for homeowners to rent out spare rooms to individuals. But of course, you already know it.

2. Then GitHub. Yes, this developer platform is also built on Ruby on Rails. If you use it, you obviously know about Git – a version control system. The role of a version control system is to keep constant changes (revisions) and store them in a central repository (storage). This way developers can work together to make changes and upload the latest revision. Site GitHub stores not revisions but the whole projects (software) and let different people to work together on them.

3. Continue with Basecamp. This site helps to plan projects and communicate more effectively with tools like to-do lists, instant messaging between team members, message boards and comprehensive reporting. Some people say, that here Ruby on Rails was born. Probably, gossips.

4. Shopify is well-known webstore, that offers many top-shelf features like order tracking and using credit cards. Sure, it’s built using Ruby on Rails.

5. Twitch. Don’t say that you haven’t been there. And don’t say that you haven’t dream to stream there. For those of you, who accidentally not familiar with Twitch yet, this is video platform for gamers. It allows to stream while playing video games or programming.

6. Slideshare. Yes, this famous site is also can be mentioned in RoR-list. One if Slideshare’s best features is that user can store and post there readymade computer presentations, text documents and videos.

7. We mentioned crowdfunding among industries Ruby on Rails used in. And, for sure, Kickstarter in the most famous site for crowdfunding. Here creators can find the resources to launch their project, and Kickstarter users can help them by contributing money for startup.

We think that number 7 is a perfect for this article. But you can search for many more sites and projects created with Ruby on Rails: Goodreads, Groupon, Urban Dictionary ect. Or you can explore sites and projects on Ruby on Rails in Syndicode portfolio.

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