What are the functions of your application landing page?

What are the functions of your application landing page?
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Remember our guide on web app development? Well, a great work is done with this material. But we did not cover one interesting topic that matters both for web and mobile app development. Today we are going to provide you with detailed information about landing pages for your applications. Their role is underestimated but they play a significant role in the future success of your application. Do you know what are the functions of your application landing page? 

When you launch your app, an app landing page is the essential component of any application growth strategy. This is the start point for your user. From here your user understands whether he or she will stay with your application. What the landing pages exist for? We can name at least four different purposes:

  1. To validate application ideas:
    Your landing page could be a testing ground for your idea.
  2. To drive the number of application downloads:
    You are able to build awareness and acquire users through sharing the link with friends, social media followers, and influencers — even before your app is published.
  3. To gather information about your users:
    With information about your user’s demography or behavior, you are able to provide better engagement.
  4. To evaluate your marketing strategy
    With gathered metrics, you are able to see the whole picture of your marketing performance.

So there are some requirements (or let’s call them functions) should be presented on your application landing page. From our experience, we can highlight next

landing page functions:

  • Value proposition
    Your app landing page should show a value proposition which is your main marketing message. This is the place where users should find the answer to the following questions:
    – how this app will solve their problems;
    – what benefits it delivers;
    – how it differs from the other apps.
    Pay attention to visual elements.
  • CTA (call to action)
    This is the action you want your visitors to perform. So the landing page is aimed to help them find a special form or button where they can complete the desired action. Whatever your goal is, make sure it has an obvious call to action.
    Keep it simple as “get started today” or “make a purchase”, and avoid including additional requests — you don’t want to distract or confuse your visitors with more than one CTA on your landing page.
  • Top-notch visuals
    Make sure you have the best quality for images you add to your app landing page. Resolution, clearness, loading time and color scheme are the parameters that define your images quality. Don’t forget that some users do have bad internet connection and animations are not the best choice for your page in case these users in the majority. Again, test your audience at first. Also, remember that sometimes ‘less is more’ when it comes to the number of images or visual elements on the page. Keep your design clear and simple.
  • Quotes and testimonials
    If you have your loyal users or clients, put their testimonials on your landing page. People like to read what others think of your product and their experience, reviews etc.
  • Information hierarchy
    Create an easy and effortless experience for your visitors by structuring all the information in the right order. The amount of the information should be limited and its order should be put into logical sequences. As an example, you can consider the next hierarchy:
    1. user’s problem highlighted,
    2. the benefit of your offer,
    3. explanation of your uniqueness,
    4. eliminate hesitations with pros points,
    5. CTA,
    6. social proof from your previous users.

These are the basic and main functions an efficient landing page should have. As UI/UX design agency, Syndicode created tens of web and mobile applications and know the value of good landing page. Don’t hesitate to contact us for details.

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