Why Flutter will succeed

Why Flutter will succeed
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Do you remember the announcement about Flutter beta? Well, we’re glad to admit that Google did its best to make Flutter one of the best frameworks for application development. And not only Syndicode thinks so. Read some reasons why Flutter will succeed, below.

There are many different opinions on development tools. And no single answer what tool is better. We are no Flutter’s ambassadors, but this framework deserves a good review. Just consider some of the reasons why Flutter will succeed:

  • Flutter lowers the cost of development – it’s all-in-one tool good for different platforms
  • Flutter offers a genuine opportunity to write once and deploy everywhere
  • Flutter is super-productive. Due to its stateful dev tools hot-reloading feature Flutter allows for a very fast iterative coding style
  • Flutter focuses on cross-platform software development

The author of this reasons say the next thing:

All of the current app development tools (with the exception of Flutter) have characteristics that create a drag on productivity (like slow build times, double-coding because code can’t be shared between platforms or unforeseen challenges that can significant brake the speed of development). This is where Flutter really shines.

Despite this is a personal opinion, you still can see some undeniable benefits of Flutter mobile app development platform.

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