Why Voice Search is the future of SEO?

Why Voice Search is the future of SEO?
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Why and where do people use voice search? According to study provided by Google among Americans, 55% of teens and 41% of adults use voice search more than ones a day. Lets explore the topic.

Nowadays voice search is something more powerful than we used to think. Coming back to Mobile Voice Study made by Google, there are 5 main reasons why people use voice search:

  1. It’s the future
  2. It’s safer
  3. It’s cool
  4. It’s for multi-tasking
  5. It makes me more efficient

Potentially voice search can do a lot more in the future. It might completely change the way we work with site optimization.

Numbers can’t lie: in 2016 there were 35 times more voice search requests then in 2008. Also 20% of all requests from mobile made with voice search. By 2020 the half of all requests will be made by voice and one third of them will need no screen. Main reason for this kind of prediction is that speaking is much easier then writing.

Smartphones have quality-made microphones and use advanced algorithms for voice recognition. For example, voice search in Google can process requests in 40 languages of the world with an accuracy of 90%.

What is the main difference between voice search and traditional search?
Voice search requests are different from traditional: phrases are long ( from 4 to 10 words), slang is used, questions are provided for short answers, most questions are about local content.
Types of devices are different from traditional: most requests come from mobile phones, the answer consists of 1-4 results (not 1K results in 0.3 seconds), every deviсe use its own search engine and aggregator.

With the voice search site has to solve specific format need for specific user. How to do it?

  1. Analyze your information sources, create account in Google My Business and get more reviews, use links with local content.
  2. Work with low requests. Gather them with the help of Google AdWords and other available tools.
  3. Create content in conversation style, make texts more simple.
  4. Use micro-marking for your text.
  5. Check if your site is valid AMP.

There are many advantages you can reach with understanding of the voice search possibilities and prospects. Explore it!

Article created on base of ain.ua materials.

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