Why you should create a startup in Barcelona

Why you should create a startup in Barcelona
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We’re happy to announce that from now you can contact Syndicode in Barcelona. And this material will be a guideline for those of you who did not decide yet where to create a startup. Recently Amazon has decided to make its sixth investment in Catalonia in less than two years. So read why you should create a startup in Barcelona.

Amazon is a great example of the company that knows the right development direction and often goes ahead of the trends. This week Amazon announced opening machine learning R&D hub in Barcelona. They want to create a research center specializing in machine learning, a field of artificial intelligence dedicated to making machines automatically learn and evolve on their own.

Amazon investment will allow creating about 100 jobs for researchers. Moreover, 500 people could be employed in its future R&D headquarters.

The ‘machine learning’ allows companies, among other things, to make more accurate predictions of how demand will evolve, thus saving storage costs. For example, with this technology, you can better predict what type of products will have more demand at a specific time or even in which zones or territories will receive more orders. This allows the company to have the products closest to the client, thereby shortening delivery time to customers when they make their purchase online.

Another possibility offered by ‘machine learning’ is that the machine automatically and progressively improves the voice recognition of humans, meaning that they understand each other better. Amazon is betting hard for voice recognition through its Alexa technology. The system can already be used, but today it is only available in English and German. Guess, what language will be the next?

Just imagine, with a neighbor like Amazon machine learning center, your business can develop on ever faster pace. Consider that.

This is the sixth investment announced by Amazon in the last two years in Catalonia.

Another great plus to startup in Barcelona that it is a major university city, and your business (just like the new Amazon hub) could serve to attract talent from neighboring cities and countries.

“The extensive university network that Barcelona has and the quality of life it offers makes it a very interesting destination for international talent,” said François Nuyts, vice president and general manager of Amazon in Spain and Italy in his statement. Amazon already has a technology center (called ‘tech hub’) in Madrid, and the process of personnel selection for the center of Barcelona has already begun, as reported by the company.

We hope, that Ukrainian universities could also become great centers to attract business and startups from all over the world in the future.

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