Will Design Systems replace design jobs?

Will Design Systems replace design jobs?
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If you have read our article about how will AI affect UI/UX design, you could have got scared about your designer’s career future. And there are many great things and tools that will automate designer’s work in future. So, how do you think, will Design Systems replace design jobs?

Relax! To be honest, we doubt that designers will ever be replaced by AI or automated tools. Simply because creative work is a human-only feature. But even today we can greatly simplify your creative work by automating micro tasks to give you more time for ideas and their perfect implementations.

Today we will present you a new resource for learning, creating and evangelizing design systems – Design Systems!

DesignSystems.com is a hub for the broader design community to learn about and engage in the craft of building design systems. This resource will tackle the hard topics head on. It’ll share the messy war stories, hard-earned lessons and best practices that everyone can benefit from.

Syndicode designers know how hard it is to create a unique and outstanding, efficient and attractive design! If you have stories to share about creating a design system, you can share a story about your successes, failures and burning questions. Email [email protected] and share with the community!

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