Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Baku. Syndicode event

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Baku

Syndicode is expanding blockchain conferences geography! Today we will invite you to Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference in sunny and cheerful Baku, Azerbaijan! This first large-scale Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Baku, dedicated to blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and ICOs will start on September 27. Its participants will include well-known specialists and gurus of the cryptocurrency market, developers, entrepreneurs, representatives of payment systems, foreign experts. Don’t miss it!

Table football tournament in Syndicode. Syndicode office

Table football tournament in Syndicode

Last week Syndicode developers received a table football to start some sports activities in the office. This helps with team building and collaboration skills. But, what is important, we want our developers to feel comfortable and have fun even when they have a lot of work. Because a positive attitude means a lot in software development! Last Friday we held table football tournament in Syndicode!

Syndicode Digest #59 – Intrusive code. Syndicode news

Syndicode Digest #59 – Intrusive code

Our new ‘Syndicode Digest #59 – Intrusive code’ will be a real lighthouse for the lost developers. If you feel desperation and disappointment – you wrong! Because every effort you made, even if you can’t see the result for a long time, makes you closer to your goal. Even if you don’t know what your goal is yet. Keep trying and never give up!

Syndicode posters. C is for Challlenges.

Syndicode posters. C is for Challenge!

The Syndicode name is filled with inspiration. Each letter means something we really believe in. These are motivational and inspirational expressions and phrases that start with one of the letters from Syndicode name help us to deliver the outstanding software we can be proud of. Created by O’Lena Postoi in Cinema 4D these Syndicode posters will now decorate Syndicode office in Kyiv. Meet the first of Syndicode posters. C is for Challenge!

Material-UI v1. Syndicode news

Material-UI v1

On May 17, Material-UI v1 has finally arrived! Material-UI is open source project, React components that implement Google’s Material Design. And it took developers two years to release its stable version. Let’s find out what’s inside Material-UI v1!

VuePeople lists and connects Vue.JS developers around the world. Syndicode news

VuePeople lists and connects Vue.JS developers around the world

You should have already read our article about using Vue.js as a frontend for Rails. We are big fans of Vue.js, so today we prepared something special for you. Let us introduce you an interesting project that will help to find and meet Vue.js people on Earth.  Now you will know if there’s any Vue.js developer nearby to contact. Explore VuePeople lists and connects Vue.JS developers around the world!

Satoshi United is the biggest celebration of blockchain world! Syndicode events

Satoshi United is the biggest celebration of blockchain world!

Satoshi United is the biggest celebration of blockchain world! This blockchain & cryptocurrency conference will take place in Singapore on July 26-27 and will celebrate the beginning of the new great era. Satoshi United will provide investors, thought leaders, solution providers, and blockchain community a platform to benefit from the creative global innovations fostered by blockchain. Are you with us?