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Bicycle rental marketplace

Travel / Austria 2021–2022

Syndicode implemented a marketplace solution aimed at revolutionizing bicycle tourism in Mallorca.


  • Web Development
  • Full-Cycle Development
  • Web Design
  • Ruby on Rails Development
  • Project management



  • Ruby on Rails
  • React
  • Next.js
  • PostgreSQL
  • Docker
  • Heroku
  • Stripe
  • WordPress

About the client

The client is a startup based in Austria with a vision for a centralized platform for renting high-level bicycles for trips in Mallorca.

Lacking technical expertise in software development, the client sought Syndicode’s services to handle the entire development process and bring their idea to life.


About the product

The platform connects bicycle rental stations with customers, making it easier to find and book bicycles and eliminating the need to bring their own. 

Additionally, the platform enables rental stations to adapt their pricing based on market changes.

Client’s challenges

Lack of technical knowledge

The client, being a business-oriented person, had an idea but not enough technical expertise for its implementation. They sought an experienced team to handle the development process from start to finish, including management.


Complex search logic

The BookYaBike platform was supposed to enable users to customize their bicycles using different options.

Additionally, users should be able to combine different types of bicycles with various customizations in a single order.

Finally, the platform should enhance customer experience by automatically tracking bicycle availability for selected dates.


Price management

In Mallorca, rental stations adjust prices based on current demand.

To attract businesses to the platform and support their profitability, BookYaBike should incorporate features that simplify price management.

Our solutions

Full-cycle development services

Syndicode handled every aspect of the project, from initial research to the final production phase. This relieved the client from having to delve into the technical details of the project. 

We discussed the client’s vision, researched the market, and developed the platform’s concept. Our team also identified key features, created user stories, established technical requirements, and selected the technology stack.

The development process had an iterative nature. Upon unit completion and testing, we deployed it to staging for the client’s review. After approval, we went on to the next iteration to create another feature. This approach ensured a predictable result, minimizing the chance of an error left unnoticed.

Nested search

BookYaBike offers a unique approach to searching for bicycles compared to traditional marketplaces.

Instead of providing results that match all selected parameters, the platform supports nested search.

This means users can select multiple bicycles, each with its own set of parameters, from shops within a specified area and time interval, all within a single search.

The platform automatically records booked bikes and utilizes complex SQL queries to find available items for the chosen period. In addition, rental shop owners have the option to manually update information about their bikes’ availability in their profiles.


Dynamic pricing

The BookYaBike platform automatically calculates the price once the database receives a search request. Each shop provides its own pricing templates for various scenarios (such as season, booking duration, and the number of available bikes) to the platform.

The system then searches for bikes with matching parameters, verifies their availability, and selects the appropriate pricing template to calculate the price for each bicycle being searched.

Technical setup

In response to the client’s needs, we chose Ruby on Rails with React on the front end. This combination allows for faster development compared to the common MEAN stack and quickly gets digital products to market. 

In addition, with the chosen tech, we ensured code stability, minimal server response time, and reduced memory usage. This approach enables the website to scale easily as the business grows without any downtime.


BookYaBike has been launched successfully and has begun receiving orders. The platform generates revenue by earning commissions from transactions. Payments are facilitated through Stripe Connect, with an agreed percentage automatically directed to BookYaBike’s owner.

Thanks to its microservices architecture, the website can scale effortlessly. This architecture also provides a solid foundation for incorporating additional features without requiring any major rework, making it ideal for potential global expansion.


Syndicode’s most meaningful performance is reflected in their reliability and willingness to do the job perfectly. The constant availability of the project manager is particularly outstanding. The competence of the backend developer assigned to us was remarkable, on the one hand, great technical knowledge and on the other hand a high degree of common sense, which was helpful in relation to the complexity of the project.

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