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Fuzu—African job search marketplace and HR platform

Job search marketplace and HR platform

Fuzu - Job marketplace for hiring in African countries. Syndicode portfolio

About the project

Fuzu is an online job marketplace for hiring in African countries, driven by a social mission to facilitate meaningful career opportunities and support companies in attracting the right talent.

The platform was initially launched in Kenya and has since expanded to Uganda, offering pay-per-cost and subscription-based services to job seekers and employers.

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  • Technologies

    Ruby on Rails, Ruby, ReactJS, JavaScript, Python, Postgresql, ElasticSearch, Rspec, Redis, Memcached, Sidekiq, HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, AWS, Kubernetes, GitHub, GitHub Actions

  • Location

    Finland, Helsinki

  • Team

    4 Full-stack Senior developers

    2 UI/UX Designers

    1 QA Tester

  • Timeline

    January 2018 – present

  • Client’s business goals

    In 2018, Fuzu partnered with Syndicode to redesign and enhance the platform, making it accessible across all devices. The collaboration was focused on two key aspects: refactoring legacy code and adding new features to meet the company’s growing business needs.

  • Team behind the project

    Having analyzed the project requirements, Syndicode assembled a team of four full-stack Ruby on Rails developers, two UI/UX designers, and a QA engineer to work on Fuzu’s project. Each team member possessed the necessary expertise and demonstrated unwavering dedication throughout the project, playing a crucial role in achieving the desired outcomes.

  • Project deliverables

    Syndicode’s specialists thoroughly analyzed the original platform and created a list of changes that needed to be implemented before adding new functionality. Their primary focus was on enhancing performance and usability across both the backend and frontend aspects of the platform. Here’s an overview of the key areas we worked on: 

    1. Legacy code refactoring. Our engineers organized and optimized the codebase while also addressing any lingering technical debt. This step provided a solid foundation for the subsequent addition of new features and enhancements.
    2. UI/UX design for web and mobile devices. To accommodate Fuzu’s plans to expand the platform’s functionality with white label and custom page creation tools, Syndicode’s designers reinvented the website’s look. They successfully merged stylish aesthetics with a layout catered to the preferences of the average Afrikan user.
    3. New feature development, in particular:
      • Different website functionality for job seekers and employers
      • Customizable user profiles
      • ML-powered job search
      • Career coaching tool
      • Individual course recommendations
      • Interactive CV builder
      • Personality tests
      • Specialized talent pool and more
Fuzu - Job marketplace for hiring in African countries. Syndicode portfolio
  • Technical highlights

    After a year into development, the Syndicode team fully refactored the Fuzu platform and added the planned B2B functionality.

    Our specialists also implemented an ML-powered search using Elasticsearch technology for immediate search results and enabled the platform to evaluate candidates’ skills and experience.

    They also completed the gradual transition from the old website to the new platform while tracking and fixing bugs and minimizing traffic drops.

    Finally, our engineers improved the website’s SEO using server-side rendering, optimized pages, enhanced loading speed (less than 2 seconds), page layouts and increased crawling budget.

  • Business highlights

    With investor commitments in mind, Fuzu aimed to enhance user experience, implement advanced machine learning-driven search functionalities, boost SEO performance, and optimize overall website responsiveness. 

    Moreover, Fuzu planned to expand its services to more African countries and attract new users.

  • Business milestones

    Since the launch of the reworked platform, Fuzu has garnered significant recognition and achieved notable milestones.

Jani Turunen,
Jani Turunen, CTO at Fuzu Ltd, August 2018

While creating a job marketplace for talented specialists in Africa, we found a great software development partner with talented and dedicated engineers in Ukraine. Syndicode engineers strengthened Fuzu’s team and made it possible for the service to scale and work smoothly for half a million job seekers and employers. We appreciate their professional work and hope to collaborate with Syndicode again!

What’s next?

Our collaboration with Fuzu extends to the present day as we continue to work together to enhance the platform’s capabilities further.