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Create customizable landings and links that you can share on the social media
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Brisbane, Australia
Started 2018 – Finished 2019
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Web development / web design


Ruby on Rails / React / JavaScript

InstaLinks is a SaaS marketing tool that provides users with a customized landing page and a short link that can be published anywhere.

Currently, Instagram allows adding a single link in your profile “bio,” so the product aims to address this issue and enable entrepreneurs to provide their potential customers with more information about their business or services delivered.

Project goal

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The main requirement was to develop a website and a web application with controlled scope and budget under time constraints.

The client was looking for a software development company to build a SaaS marketing tool he could present at the niche event (Amazon Conference) and get the first loyal customers. The idea was to help users promote their brands via a customized landing page and a short link that could be published on any social media platform.
The web application should offer users the best interaction experience and securely store their sensitive data. Additionally, with the help of multiple third-party integrations, the application should work smoothly with dozens of websites and social media.

Services provided

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Business analysis
Since the customer initially did not have clear product requirements or expectations regarding the required engineering capacity, our collaboration with the client began with a business analysis phase.

To ensure that the predefined deadline and budget will be met, our dedicated developers, software solution architects, business analysts, and designers joined the project from the very beginning.

For a start, to provide the client with an absolutely unique product, business analysts from Syndicode conducted market research and found several competitors to dissociate from.

As soon as we got a clear project idea, we defined the most suitable business model for a future solution based on the comprehensive competitor analysis and our vast experience.

At the end of the discovery phase, the client received time and cost estimates and a comprehensive product development plan.

UX/UI design
First, we created wireframes to provide the customer with a clear structure and user flow of their future software solution.

After that, our UX/UI design team started working on prototypes. We decided to build them on the existing prototypes provided by the customer but tweak them slightly to make them more visually appealing and user-friendly.

Since our task was to allow users to create unique landing pages, we created a styles editor in addition to premade themes. With its help, customers can tune their pages to their liking.

Finally, we created an analytical dashboard. It allows the client to gain valuable insights into key metrics such as daily or monthly page views, browsers, and operating systems utilized by users. Other crucial data include top cities, countries, and referrers.

Custom web development
Syndicode has applied the best software development practices to offer an intuitive user experience along with a high degree of customization to make each landing page unique.

Among the vital functionality we have successfully implemented, we should mention the following:

  • Landing page creating functionality with a high degree of customization that helps make each page unique and authentic
  • Payment gateway integration to ensure secure and fast money transaction
  • Custom admin panel that provides users with analytics on page views with daily and monthly statistics
  • Plenty of integrations for the app to smoothly work with tens of social networks and websites
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“ Following the client’s guidelines, the Syndicode team created the InstaLinks service from scratch to offer users a simple and effective way to build their brand profile and gain stable profit. The solution delivered allows Instagram influencers to keep their bio links altogether.