InstaLinks – Create customizable landings and links


Create customizable landings and links

InstaLinks - Create customizable landings and links. Syndicode portfolio

About the project

InstaLinks is a service that provides you with a customized landing page and a single, short link that you can use on Instagram and other social media sites.

Its name came from ‘Instagram links’ and was meant to provide a single user with the opportunity to share more than one link on Instagram. When the followers click the link in your bio, they are referred to your custom InstaLinks Page where they can easily navigate to any online presence you wish to share.

With InstaLinks, an Instagram influencer can customize a link URL and track the number of clicks on it. This single and customizable InstaLinks landing page might contain your:

  • Website,
  • Blog,
  • Social accounts, 
  • Affiliate links, 
  • Kickstarter projects,
  • Favorite products, etc.

The InstaLinks profile page with all the needed influencer’s bio can be shared with any social network using a single and easy-to-change short URL. For example, Instagram only allows a single link in your profile “bio,” but InstaLinks becomes your lifeline to any other links you want to add. All-in-one place. It is the most convenient way to tell your followers about you. 

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  • Categories:
    Featured, MVP, SaaS, UX design, Web design, Website
  • Technologies

    Ruby on Rails, React.js, Google Analytics, Heroku, S3, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Stripe, LeadDyno, Figma

  • Location

    Brisbane, Australia

  • Team

    1 Backend Developer

    1 Frontend Developer

    1 Markup Developer

    1 Project Lead

    1 Product Designer

  • Timeline

    Start of the project – August 2018

    MVP launch – January 2019

    Release – March 2019

    Dedicated team engagement – present

  • Added business values by Syndicode

    • Syndicode provided InstaLinks with detailed competitors’ analysis in design.
    • Based on our experience and proper research, we defined a future business model for this product.
    • Six months after launch, the client received a total return on investment (RoI).
    • Within these six months, InstaLinks received users equivalent to $ 50,000. 
    Added business values by Syndicode
  • The client was looking for a development team to work on the project with a defined budget. But the expectations about the needed engineering capacity after the development were unclear. Syndicode’s dedicated developers and designers joined the project from the very beginning.

    Initially, we provided a detailed estimate and product development plan for executing the project under our custom software engagement model. Still, we were flexible enough to convert our cooperation into a dedicated engineers engagement model.

  • Since we started work on InstaLinks:

    1. The app was launched as the one-and-only solution for Instagram influencers to keep their bio links altogether.
    2. InstaLinks received almost 500 clients on the first day. 
    3. We suggested marketing activities to promote the InstaLinks app.
    4. The quality of our work led to increased client loyalty and to another joint project we’re now working on.
    Since we started work on InstaLinks:
InstaLinks - Create customizable landings and links. Syndicode portfolio
  • Our contributions

    InstaLinks is a SaaS project developed in Syndicode from scratch. Following the client’s guidelines, our team created InstaLinks service with its main website, web application, payment gateways, and custom admin panel. From ideation to design and maintenance, we have built: 

    1. Beautiful Website to be found on the internet
    2. Web application to provide the best interaction experience and storage for the user data
    3. Appealing web design
    4. Custom admin panel with all stats and tools to edit the profile
    5. Plenty of Integrations for the app to smoothly work with tens of social networks and websites
    6. The payment gateway for the secure and fast money transaction
    Our contributions


  1. Ideation

    The client reached Syndicode with the idea of the app to give influencers the opportunity of sharing more links on Instagram.

  2. Research

    Syndicode investigated the market and found a couple of competitors to dissociate from and to ensure the idea would be performed in a unique way. We developed the InstaLinks app from scratch, providing a great and intuitive user experience along with a high degree of customization to make each landing unique.

  3. Custom software development

    Syndicode applied the best practices from custom software development to provide InstaLinks with the best payment integration: secure, fast, spread internationally, and with great support for customization.

  4. Features

    With InstaLinks the influencer can:

    –  Create a unique landing page with the appropriate title, picture, and description.

    –  Choose a color and background theme (or download their background picture).

    –  Create as many buttons and clickable images as needed.

    –  Explore the analytics on page views with daily and monthly statistics, broken down by countries, cities, browsers, and operating systems. The users can also spot the top referrals.

    –  Choose the most convenient payment plan.

    –  Invite friends to join the affiliate program.

…Also, what is even more crucial, InstaLinks provide the users with an effective and simple way to build their brand profile and make money! Using Instalinks service, you can have a simple web page within a master link that will contain other links with your presence. Talking simply, instead of sending 4-5 links with your Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and other profiles, you send only one.

James Denham,
James Denham, InstaLinks Managing Partner

We were looking for a software development agency to develop InstaLinks with controlled scope and budget under time constraints. But we didn’t know about the needed engineering capacity. Looking for a good tech partner is very hard. Because you need designers, engineers, and project managers, and let them work together as one. Syndicode provided us with a detailed estimate and product development plan. They helped set all the processes in one place and showed good team cooperation between each member. Syndicode designed and developed a platform from scratch, including brainstorming features and creating wireframes. They were also involved in business process automation.

The team of skilled specialists from Syndicode did all the work on the project great! And now, we assigned them to work on our next project. 

We know how to empower your business!

The team of dedicated software engineers of Syndicode has provided web and mobile development services since 2014. We value professionalism and innovations, loyalty, and honesty. If you dare to create something great and challenging, we’ll help you become a leader in your field. Ask Syndicode about extended team or custom software development!

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