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Le New Black

Fashion sales application for iPad

E-commerce / France 2019–ongoing

Syndicode upgraded the sales application for Le New Black, ensuring smooth integration with the company’s other products.


  • Mobile development
  • Technical support



  • Objective-C
  • C++
  • Natural Language AI
  • OpenCV

About the client

An established business registered in France turned to Syndicode for the development of new features and stable on-demand support for the existing application.

They wanted to delegate the technical aspects of growing and maintaining the platform and fully focus on the business side of the project.

About the product

The Le New Black Sales app is part of a B2B platform offering tools to facilitate the connection between global fashion brands and individual retailers. 

The iPad application simplifies the sales process and order management by providing quick and easy access to collections and individual product items and associated information in real time. 

It also enables quick order placement and helps track sales performance thanks to a built-in analytics tool.

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Client’s challenges

Inefficient ordering system

The Le New Black platform houses over 300 brands, each having hundreds of items in stock. The sheer volume of products and their variants made it difficult to find the right items and compose orders.

Le New Black needed a system that would enable shops to easily navigate, select, and purchase items for retail.


Performance and stability issues

The large volume of products slowed and frequently crashed the application.

In addition, navigating the product list, viewing items, and adding them to the cart involved multiple interactions with the platform, compromising user experience.

Complex client registration process

Before Syndicode’s intervention, registering new clients on the platform was a manual, time-consuming process prone to errors in data entry.


Lack of technical support

The client recognized the importance of a dependable, long-term partnership for consistent, on-demand support for the application.

They sought an experienced team to provide regular updates and the development of new features as needed.

Our solutions

Improved navigation and interaction

Syndicode’s team developed a new representation of products and implemented innovative ways to navigate and interact with the catalog.

This included implementing a real-time asynchronous client-side search engine that enabled full-text search and creating a custom CollectionView control that is far better optimized for the platform’s needs than native iOS controls.

The custom control improved information density and reduced user actions, enabling users to review all the items relevant to their search query on a single screen, which has tremendously improved user experience.

Performance enhancements

Syndicode engineers enhanced the platform by implementing tests and optimizations for smoother navigation through the platform’s collection.

A notable upgrade was the adoption of a lock-free live search algorithm, which significantly improved the app’s stability and overall performance.

AI-powered business card scanner

We built a custom module leveraging Google Cloud Natural Language AI and the OpenCV library for scanning text and extracting specific data.

This innovation allows the company’s representatives to quickly scan partners’ business cards using their devices.

The module automatically reads the card owner’s name, company name, address, and contact details, streamlining the creation of client profiles.


Third-party video playback feature

YouTube is very popular among Le New Black users, but it prohibits direct video integration at the code level.

The Syndicode engineers came up with a clever way to get around this issue by creating a custom video player that automatically starts/pauses videos, aligning with the app’s aesthetics.

This allows Le New Black clients to embed videos from leading platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, and DailyMotion, enhancing their product presentations.

Comprehensive technical support

From the project’s outset, our engineers thoroughly analyzed the application, addressing UX and performance issues.

This ensured that new features could be seamlessly integrated and function as intended within the existing app framework.

Additionally, we perform regular checkups to ensure the application remains compatible with the latest Apple updates.

Technical setup

  • Objective C is a mainstay of iOS app development, offering a dynamic runtime and object-oriented capabilities. These are essential for creating complex applications like Le New Black
  • C++ allows for added control over memory management and execution speed, which are vital for quickly processing large datasets;
  • Google Cloud Natural Language AI provides powerful NLP capabilities, enabling the application to extract meaningful information from scanned images;
  • OpenCV assists in processing the visual data from business cards to identify text areas for further extraction and analysis by the NLP tool.


Since we began working on the project, the Le New Black application has significantly improved, incorporating a text recognition module, a full-text live search, and an automatic YouTube video playback feature.

These enhancements, provided by Syndicode, have greatly improved the app’s performance and eliminated crash issues.


Thanks to Syndicode, the application is now more robust and reliable. The response time is faster, and the client is satisfied with their high-quality code. The team communicates effectively and uses Jira and Slack for project management. Overall, they stand out for their developers’ expertise.

Bernard Coulombel President
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