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Movinga. Syndicode clients

About the project

Movinga is a unique revolutionary service that combines a simple booking process with a customer-friendly interface, making it easy to plan flawless removals. It offers the best relocation experience you could wish for. With Movinga, anyone can relocate within Europe fast and easily.

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  • Technologies

    Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Grape, Babel, ESnext, Cucumber, Sidekiq, RSpec

  • Location

    Berlin, Germany

  • Team

    7 Senior Software Developers

  • Timeline

    January 2016 – July 2016

  • Added business values by Syndicode

    To fast start Movinga product development while building up the on-site team, Syndicode provided 5 full-stack Ruby on Rails developers, 1 Front-end developer, and 1 UX/Graphical designer.

    Added business values by Syndicode
  • Movinga Booking Funnel Web-Application

    We started with UX/UI designs of multiple steps adaptive order workflow and implemented it as front-facing Ruby on Rails web app.

    Movinga Booking Funnel Web-Application
  • API backend & Academy Web Game

    API backend for Partner Mobile App

    We had to implement backend REST API for the partner mobile app used by a driver to handle removals.

    Movinga Academy Web Game

    We implemented HTML5/CSS3 javascript ”catch the drops” game as part of the promo campaign of Movinga.

    API backend & Academy Web Game
Movinga screen. Syndicode clients
  • Our contributions

    We have helped to create Movinga product with Ruby on Rails microservices architecture. Technically the product included different microservices as API consumers, providers, and proxies, Front-facing Ruby on Rails web apps, Admin backends, and Mobile backend APIs. Integrations with internal operational systems. 

    Our contributions
  • Movinga closed €15 million in further funding

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  • Movinga in TOP-10 Most Innovative Startups of Germany in 2018

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Movinga closed €15 million in further funding
Movinga in TOP-10 Most Innovative Startups of Germany in 2018
Dennis Gneuß
Dennis Gneuß CDO at Movinga

For 7 months, Syndicode have been helping Movinga to bridge the gap in an engineering capacity during the very critical time of Movinga product MVP development. Syndicode engineers appeared to be extremely caring and initiative. The team provided professional web development. They were capable of meeting tight deadlines with great accuracy!

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