Online marketplace development trends 2019

Ignoring online marketing today is like opening a business but not telling anyone. We can predict fast e-commerce development in the next few years. And to prove that, we want to present to you the online marketplace development trends 2019 that can help you improve the online shopping experience for your customers.

So, what are the main online marketplace driving trends for 2019?

  1. Mobile Design and Progressive Web Apps. To be in trend you should create an online marketplace with a perfect mobile design and consider the app development for the marketplace you start. Another software development trend that will remain up-to-date in 2019 is a progressive web apps creation.
  2. Hyper-personalization.  Customers today expect personal experience from shopping, that’s why personalization is going to rule the e-commerce sphere in 2019. You should make all the ways you target and appeal to your customers personalized.
  3. Mobile Payments: Google Pay & Apple pay, Blockchain Technology.   Apple Pay and Google Pay technologies are now beneficial for the development of a web-based marketplace as they allow creating an experience for the customers in the process of checkout.
  4. Artificial Intelligence. The development of artificial intelligence can fundamentally change the modern online marketplace solutions making them more efficient for the consumers. It can categorize goods automatically, improve the quality of photos by default, translate item descriptions.
  5. Augmented Reality.  Augmented reality is able to help your clients make better choices just offer them AR and the opportunity to interact with it.
  6. Voice Search. The voice technology has changed the way the users interact with their gadgets. The human voice has become a tool of searching and purchasing products and gave birth to a new term «voice commerce».
  7. Customer Involvement. To be a smart developer, you can invest in complex software for data collection and exploration and also encourage your users to generate content.

How do you find these trends?

You can also refresh your knowledge on the topic of the process that users go through to reach purchase. More precisely –  E-commerce funnel explained.

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