The best Ukrainian marketplaces in 2017

Since Syndicode is famous as a marketplace development agency, we track the current situation with marketplaces. Today we will share with you the latest information about the rate of the best Ukrainian marketplaces in 2017.  

If you have read our marketplace development guide, you should already know what an online marketplace is. There we also tell what types it has and how it can be developed. But if you hadn’t a chance to read this material (which is highly recommended), a marketplace is a mobile app or a website that facilitates business between buyers and sellers. You use many marketplaces even if you don’t recognize them to be marketplaces.

Have you heard about Amazon, Alibaba or eBay? Sure! They are famous examples of marketplaces with the audience of millions of users, and the turnovers in billions of dollars.

Over the last three years, major online stores in Ukraine expanded their own segments and became marketplaces. This gave them the opportunity to widen the range of the goods and services and increase the margin in a relatively inexpensive way.

The Retailers Portal determined the average number of attendees and specialization of Ukrainian trading platforms. The first place among the biggest Ukrainian marketplaces is taken by OLX (with 146M visits per month). Rozetka’s “Internet-supermarket”, which started its first steps towards becoming an online marketplace only in 2014, took second place. It has 65M visits. Prom.ua is in third place and obtains about 55M visits per month.

Compare marketplaces details in this table:

Type of goods/services
OLX.ua 146M many goods
rozetka.ua 64,7M many goods
prom.ua 54,9M many goods
kidstaff.com.ua 16,6M goods for children
Allo 12,4M many goods
bigl.ua 10,5M many goods
shafa.ua 8,9M clothes
modnaKasta 7,2M clothes, cosmetics, household goods
LeBoutique 4,3M many goods
klubok.com 4,3M clothes
new Auction Ukraine
 3,1M many goods
Allbiz 2,3M many goods
privatmarket.ua 2,3M many goods
crafta.ua 1,3M handmade
SvitStyle 750K clothes
gold.ua 650K jewelry
sokol.ua 320K many goods
 170K clothes, household goods
skidka.ua 110K many goods

Material is based on retailers.ua information.

Here in Syndicode we have created a lot of different types of online marketplaces. If you want to provide your business online, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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