Where is it? Syndicode on Dribbble

Where is it?

Where is it? Have you seen it? Our inspiration? After this weekend it is hiding somewhere and we haven’t found it yet. Well, it might be afraid of tons of the current tasks… Or it is exhausted and wants a vacation? Or it’s just Monday?
Sure, it’s hidden on Tuesday! Tomorrow, after art-pause, we’ll get back refreshed and full of new ideas. But you might have a great time with your inspiration today! We wish you never lose it!

Chasing your luck. Syndicode design

Chasing your luck

We’re sure that none of you really believe in luck. Well, believing in luck is not a bad thing, actually. But, we hope, that you, at least, do your best to reach your goals and not rely on some lucky charm or whatever. It happens sometimes that we catch the wave and everything goes really awesome, but bad times do happen as well. The question is, does a thing like ‘luck’ really exist? What does it depend on? What about chasing your luck?

Tips to design attractive forms for people to submit them. Syndicode news

Tips to design attractive forms for people to submit them

It happens often that when we see something attractive we start to think it has positive qualities. Beautiful people are smart and kind, attractive food is always delicious and calm blue sea is always warm and full of peaceful creatures. This kind of cognitive feature has a name in social psychology: the “halo effect.” We will talk today about something similar that happens in UX and will present you the tips to design attractive forms for people to submit them.

Mind Map Maker

Venngage Mind Map Maker

As you could remember from our material about the key parts of UX, Information Architecture (IA) is the structural design of the information space to facilitate intuitive access to content. And sometimes when you organize your content some additional tools like mindmaps could be very helpful. Today we’d like to share with you our latest finding – Venngage Mind Map Maker!

Is it what you wanted? Syndicode design

Is it what you wanted?

How do you feel when the moment of reaching your goal eventually comes? Is it what you wanted? It’s like when you were saving money for something desired, but then you have it, and that’s it. Achievement unlocked and there’s some time between past and present you don’t really know what to do next. Probably, you will search for the other aim. But does the aim mean to you? Or the way you reach it? What do you think?

How colors work?

How colors work?

“Trying to make sense of color is just us being human and trying to understand the world.” says color theorist and historian Alexandra Loske. For as long as we have existed, humans have tried to make sense of color. With that in mind, we tried to go through moments in color history that have influenced how artists and designers think about color. So, how colors work?