Syndicode Digest #75 – New Year's Jedi

Syndicode Digest #75 – New Year’s Jedi

It seems, that this digest will be the last in 2018. So we tried to complete it with the most viable, useful and interesting information you will need at the beginning of 2019. We picked different technologies we were using this year and grouped them for you easy-to-find the needed one. Please, enjoy! And don’t forget to follow Syndicode’s updates in 2019. We are happy to have you with us! Now’s the time for Syndicode Digest #75 – New Year’s Jedi!

Elixir and Erlang events in 2019. Syndicode news

Elixir and Erlang events in 2019

It’s about 13 days left until 2019! Have you already planned your calendar for some great Elixir/Ergalg conferences? Here we’ll give you the selection of the most interesting Elixir and Erlang events in 2019 you shouldn’t miss! Visit as many as you can to improve your skills and find more cool programmers to follow up.

Syndicode Digest #74 – Charity fair. Syndicode digest

Syndicode Digest #74 – Charity fair

There were busy days! Due to the lack of time and bunch of projects, we couldn’t share with you all those great news we found. But today’s digest is a special digest. We’ll include here everything that you could have missed and everything that you should know in the future. The tech stack is evolving with a speed of sound and that’s fantastic! Welcome to our new Syndicode Digest #74 – Charity fair!