Syndicode Digest #69 – Razorblade strokes. Syndicode digest

Syndicode Digest #69 – Razorblade strokes

All the week long we couldn’t wait for this chance to share with you all those interesting and important news we’re sharing today! Of course, we could write about each of them separately. But you must agree, that if a piece of news is included in the digest it has more value for the reader. That means it was selected and kept for the special moment. The same thing is happening with good developers – they don’t need instantly share all their knowledge, but to keep, accumulate and just use where it is most appropriate. Read our new Syndicode Digest #69 – Razorblade strokes. And listen too! If you understand what is hidden in the digest’s name… 

NodeUkraine 2018 is coming to Odessa! Syndicode event

NodeUkraine 2018 is coming to Odessa!

NodeUkraine 2018 is coming to Odessa! Syndicode would like to invite you to attend the Ukrainian Node.js conference – NodeUkraine 2018 that will be held in Odessa on September 29th. The conference goal is to organize an interesting platform for the development and communication of the most active Node.js professionals of Ukraine and other countries. Conference in Odessa will be the first one out of series of NodeUkraine events!

Tink is a next generation package manager for JavaScript. Syndicode news

Tink is a next generation package manager for JavaScript

‘What if installs were so fast they could happen in the background, just by using Node? What if every file in your dependencies could be guaranteed to be bit-by-bit identical to what’s on the registry? What if working on a new project was as simple as to clone and run? What if your build tools got out of your way?’ That were the questions Tink creators asked themselves before introducing this experimental dependency unwinder. As a result, Tink is a next generation package manager for JavaScript.

Syndicode Digest #68 – Vegan pecks. Syndicode digest

Syndicode Digest #68 – Vegan pecks

Sometimes you think that there’s no time to read all of your updates and important news. The developers’ world is so dynamic that you would hardly ever reach the end of your newsfeed. But you can peck some of the most important stuff from our weekly ‘Syndicode Digest #68 – Vegan pecks’! We did all the hard work for you! For instance, you should know that Firefox 62 added support for Variable Fonts, or that Visual Studio Code released a new version this August, with Settings editor UI and Custom menu bar… Let’s move to the main part!

Meet Babel 7 huge release! Syndicode news

Meet Babel 7 huge release!

As you might know, Babel is a JS transpiler that is popular for its ability to turn ES6 or ES7 into the code that can run on your browsers and devices. As most of them still support older standards. With Babel, you can write your code in the latest conventions and not worry about compatibility errors. It’s been 3 years from the las Babel update – Babel 6. And now we want you to meet Babel 7 huge release!

Monthly most popular JS repositories. Windy season. Syndicode JS digest

Monthly most popular JS repositories. Windy season

Today we’re going to make a list of the most popular and most interesting GitHub JavaScript open source projects in August. Despite its already the 10th of September, it’s never too late to find out what was on top this summer. In this ‘Monthly most popular JS repositories. Windy season’ you’ll meet most popular JS frameworks, selector libraries, tools to manage monorepos, IoT and Robotics programming framework, x86 virtualization, visualization grammar and many more of interesting projects!

Syndicode Digest #67 – Imperfect aftermath. Syndicode digest

Syndicode Digest #67 – Imperfect aftermath

Nobody is perfect. And you too. And your code, project, commit etc. The only way to find out the how you rate what you did is the level how happy you are with it. The same thing happening with bad evaluations. Who are they, those experts who can tell you that your contribution (you have spent several months to complete) is a disaster? All the opinions are subjective. So relax and enjoy your lovely long-created ‘disaster’. And make it better next time, please. p.s. Our ‘ Syndicode Digest #67 – Imperfect aftermath’ is not perfect too! But so good!

19 CodePen modern analogs. Syndicode news

19 CodePen modern analogs

Editing the article by Vadim Tsvid about Ruby on Rails and DataTables plug-in we again encountered our main article-design-problem – the code. Because when you try to make the code visible in your article in a relevant way, you want to take less effort and not editing every single line of it. Especially if you have up to a hundred code lines in a single tutorial! Vadim created great posts, but we know that the code could be presented better: with the color, highlights and so on. We could have been using CodePen for that, but it doesn’t support Ruby… That is why today we decided to write about 19 CodePen modern analogs! That somehow could help us with presenting our frontend and backend code in the future articles. We know that most of them neither support Ruby by now, but we have to find out as many good CodePen alternatives as we can.