Monthly most popular JS repositories. Fresh air. Syndicode JavaScript digest

Monthly most popular JS repositories. Fresh air

Some changes might seem radical and unusual. But, all in all, we know that life is impossible without changes. So from now, we present you the new look for our JavaScript digest with monthly most popular JS repositories. Fresh air – is the new design we would like to see for our next issues. What stays constant – is our interesting list of useful JS open source projects! Today you will read about an evolving list of strings that cause issues, JS animation library, Vue meta-framework for complex web apps, MongoDB object modeling tool, minimalistic scrollbar plugin, and many others neat open source projects!

Deep Learning. Syndicode humor

Deep Learning

Deep learning is part of a broader family of machine learning methods based on learning data representations, as opposed to task-specific algorithms. Deep learning architectures such as deep neural networks, deep belief networks and recurrent neural networks have been applied to fields including computer vision, speech recognition, natural language processing, audio recognition, social network filtering, machine translation, bioinformatics, drug design, medical image analysis, material inspection and board game programs… But wait! Do you need all of this information if you only want to create a pseudo-element?

Monthly most popular JS repositories. Christmas is coming. Syndicode JS digest

Monthly most popular JS repositories. Christmas is coming

Christmas is coming! That means you should expect for some cool presents this year. And we negotiated with Santa to bring you the best monthly most popular JS repositories selection! Isn’t it awesome? In this selection you will find a static documentation for API, minimalist JavaScript library for dates and time,a blocker for Chromium and Firefox, a library to generate PDFs, spreadsheet parser and writer, a platform that visualizes algorithms from code and many other neat GitHub repositories!

All about Ruby: tools, peculiarities and tips. Syndicode news

All about Ruby: tools, peculiarities, and tips

As Ruby on Rails agency we always keep an eye on Ruby updates and tips our community shares. Despite we’ve already shown you the main benefits why you should choose Ruby for your next project, whenever is it a marketplace, MVP or a web app, we’ve got more to share! This time, in one single article you’ll find everything you wanted to know! No need to search further, because here you have all about Ruby: tools, peculiarities, and tips. And more! Enjoy!

Mobiconf 2018 hits the record amount of attendees. Syndicode event

Mobiconf 2018 hits the record amount of attendees

The 5th edition of Mobiconf organized by Miquido took place on Oct 4-5. This year, the event attracted over 550 participants: software developers, designers, product managers, etc. It also gathered some world-renowned speakers, e.g. Paul Hudson or John Sundell, as well as the representatives of highly remarkable brands, like Google, Abbey Road Studios, Zalando, Spotify, Tinder, Shopify or IBM.

Feel the spirit of Mobiconf - mobile design & development conference that connects both worlds! Syndicode event

Feel the spirit of Mobiconf – mobile design & development conference that connects both worlds!

As a media partner of this awesome event, we already warned you that Mobiconf will be great! And now we have a proof! If you were there, here you will find a short photo-summary of the summit, plus useful sources mentioned at the conference. If you, unfortunately, missed this year’s Mobiconf, you will have time to prepare for its 6th edition next year. Feel the spirit of Mobiconf – mobile design & development conference that connects both worlds! Thanks to Syndicode’s UX designer, Tatyana Kolyada, for the awesome pictures.

Join AI Ukraine 2018! Syndicode event

Join AI Ukraine 2018!

We have already announced one of the most awaited AI event in Ukraine. This is the 5th international conference on artificial intelligence and Data Science applications that will be held on October 13-14 in beautiful Kyiv. AI Ukraine – one of the most technical conferences on the practical application of AI and Data Science in Ukraine. If you want to develop as an expert in this field or find out how technologies work, speeding up our future, you just need to take part in it! Join AI Ukraine 2018!