Vue 3.0 for web development. Syndicode news

Vue 3.0 for web development

Vue is a ‘progressive framework for building user applications’. It’s designed to be super flexible with the ability to either incorporate individual Vue libraries into other projects or powering complex projects entirely with Vue. So, meet Vue 3.0 for web development!

Time Zone in JS. Syndicode news

Time Zone in JS

We try to keep an eye on great JS tools and frameworks in our regular blog. And today we are going to discuss the issues and solutions related to the implementation of time zone features using JavaScript. So, it’s time to understand how the Time Zone in JS is organized.

Node.js multithreads. Syndicode news

Node.js multithreads

Node.js development became a huge thing over the last years. Its popularity within the developers can be very clearly seen because more and more tool appear that it’s interesting to discover. One of it is a new worker_threads module – Node.js multithreads.