Syndicode Digest #59 – Intrusive code. Syndicode news

Syndicode Digest #59 – Intrusive code

Our new ‘Syndicode Digest #59 – Intrusive code’ will be a real lighthouse for the lost developers. If you feel desperation and disappointment – you wrong! Because every effort you made, even if you can’t see the result for a long time, makes you closer to your goal. Even if you don’t know what your goal is yet. Keep trying and never give up!

Ruby typechecker called Sorbet. Syndicode news

Ruby typechecker called Sorbet

We’re so excited about the new tool we have found! Sorbet was presented by Stripe team at RubyKaigi at the beginning of summer. This typesystem can be adopted gradually with different teams and projects adopting it at a different pace. It supports ‘And’ and ‘OrTypes’ as well as basic generics. Its type syntax is backwards compatible with untyped Ruby. Take a look at Ruby typechecker called Sorbet!

Syndicode at RubyC 2018. Syndicode event

Syndicode at RubyC 2018

On June 2-3 Syndicode visited one of the biggest Ruby conferences in Ukraine – RubyC. We listened to great talks on pure Ruby and other languages that are compared with it. We were introduced to many new freaky and interesting approaches and met a plethora of cool and talented people. Join us at RubyC next year! And now watch some pics of Syndicode at RubyC 2018.

TypeScript 2.9 is here, so what are the key changes? Syndicode news

TypeScript 2.9 is here

Last week the new version of TypeScript was released. When your code is run through the TypeScript compiler, you’re left with clean, readable, and standards-compliant JavaScript code, potentially rewritten to support much older browsers that only support ECMAScript 5 or even ECMAScript 3. So, the new TypeScript 2.9 is here. What’s new about it?

YAML files for RoR apps configuration. Syndicode news

YAML files for RoR apps configuration

Sometimes you work with a tool but don’t know that it has some secret features that can speed up the process or improve the final quality. How many of you knew that Rails has a built-in method to load configuration defined in ymlfiles? If you hear this for the first time, thanks to Paweł Dąbrowski today you will learn about YAML files for RoR apps configuration!