Syndicode Digest #62 – Wonderful nidicolous. Syndicode digest

Syndicode Digest #62 – Wonderful nidicolous

All of us like when the path is investigated and the lessons are learned. When you have no need to adopt new rules and rely on your own skills. But that is the way you will never learn anything new. That is why every talented developer has to leave the nest of his or her first successful workplace. Not because it’s bad, but because there is the need to move on. Let’s move on with our new ‘Syndicode Digest #62 – Wonderful nidicolous’!

Tips and methods to write a better Ruby code. Syndicode news

Tips and methods to write a better Ruby code

‘Ruby is simple in appearance, but is very complex inside, just like our human body’. This quote by Yukihiro Matsumoto, the chief designer of Ruby, means a lot for Rubyists. Ruby is intuitive and beautiful but has many work secrets that you don’t realize. And knowing them will obviously make you a better developer, because if you know how it works – you’re able not only using it but are empowered to improve it! Here we collected for you some tips and methods to write a better Ruby code. Read and use!

Support of Ruby 2.2 has ended. Syndicode news

Support of Ruby 2.2 has ended

Attention, ladies, and gentlemen! The support of Ruby 2.2 has ended! After one year has passed since the release of Ruby 2.2.7 the phase of security maintenance phase for Ruby 2.2 has ended. If you’re still on Ruby 2.2, it’s time to upgrade, preferably to 2.5 but at least to 2.4 as Ruby 2.3’s support will end too in March 2019.

Syndicode featured as a leading B2B company in Ukraine! Syndicode news

Syndicode featured as a leading B2B company in Ukraine!

As a relatively new company, founded in 2014, Syndicode wanted to become the best at creating digital products as soon as we started up. We are a team of dedicated and knowledgeable engineers coming up with efficient and effective solutions for businesses in almost any industry. As a result, we are extremely proud to announce our inclusion in Clutch’s annual report of the top B2B companies in Ukraine.

Syndicode Digest #60 – Atavism adopter. Syndicode digest

Syndicode Digest #60 – Atavism adopter

History repeats itself. And we sometimes come back to the already forgotten basics that might seem actual as never before. Moreover, things we had at the start might be even more reliable than their promising modifications. However, the world is moving forward and we happy about nowadays inventions. But what will happen if one day Earth’s magnetic field will stop working? If it happens our ‘Syndicode Digest #60 – Atavism adopter’ will no longer be available for you to read. So enjoy it now!

Syndicode Digest #59 – Intrusive code. Syndicode news

Syndicode Digest #59 – Intrusive code

Our new ‘Syndicode Digest #59 – Intrusive code’ will be a real lighthouse for the lost developers. If you feel desperation and disappointment – you wrong! Because every effort you made, even if you can’t see the result for a long time, makes you closer to your goal. Even if you don’t know what your goal is yet. Keep trying and never give up!

Ruby typechecker called Sorbet. Syndicode news

Ruby typechecker called Sorbet

We’re so excited about the new tool we have found! Sorbet was presented by Stripe team at RubyKaigi at the beginning of summer. This typesystem can be adopted gradually with different teams and projects adopting it at a different pace. It supports ‘And’ and ‘OrTypes’ as well as basic generics. Its type syntax is backwards compatible with untyped Ruby. Take a look at Ruby typechecker called Sorbet!