Syndicode Digest #73 – Rare possibility. Syndicode digest

Syndicode Digest #73 – Rare possibility

How many of you have tried your luck? We’re not talking about gambling or ruffling. We’re talking about belief in your chance, even if you know that there’s no chance at all. Theoretically, this way of behavior is at low probability among programmers because they can predict what will happen according to different assumptions and calculations. But it is also observed that sometimes programmers have no idea what they are doing at all. And the hope that everything will be ok is the only one thing that helps them to continue. Try to identify your type of behavior while reading our new ‘Syndicode Digest #73 – Rare possibility’!

Monthly trending Ruby on Rails repositories. November, 5. Rails digest

Monthly trending Ruby on Rails repositories. November, 5

More than a month passed since our last Rails digest. And there is no particular need to create it more often, because even the most accurate selection needs time to separate the wheat from the chaff. But today we can definitely share with you this mature monthly trending Ruby on Rails repositories digest! Here you will find management platforms, authentication for Rails, gems, web servers, emailing management services, HTTP Servers for Ruby and many more neat open source GitHub repositories!

All about Ruby: tools, peculiarities and tips. Syndicode news

All about Ruby: tools, peculiarities, and tips

As Ruby on Rails agency we always keep an eye on Ruby updates and tips our community shares. Despite we’ve already shown you the main benefits why you should choose Ruby for your next project, whenever is it a marketplace, MVP or a web app, we’ve got more to share! This time, in one single article you’ll find everything you wanted to know! No need to search further, because here you have all about Ruby: tools, peculiarities, and tips. And more! Enjoy!

Syndicode Dnipro moved to the new office! Syndicode news

Syndicode Dnipro moved to the new office!

Last month Syndicode Dnipro moved to the new office located on the 10th floor, with the beautiful panorama of the river and the city center. New interior, facilities and location make this office even more attractive than the previous one. We want our software engineers to be happy! And we invite you to join our talented team that is not afraid of challenges! Check our open positions here or contact us to find out more!

Voting application using Ruby on Rails and blockchain

Voting application using Ruby on Rails and blockchain

As we support many blockchain events, that was obvious for us to share this article about creating an app using blockchain plus our core stack framework – Rails. This tutorial shows how to work with blockchain using Ruby and how to create a decentralized application based on Ruby on Rails. It doesn’t cover deep knowledge of blockchain, only a basic introduction that helps to understand how it works and how to design dApp architecture.

Commands Pattern for(in) Ruby on Rails. Callbacks Killer. Lifehacks on Rails with Syndicode. Syndicode video

Commands Pattern for(in) Ruby on Rails. Callbacks Killer. Lifehacks on Rails with Syndicode

Meet the new video from our regular screencasts series on Syndicode’s YouTube channel! Great Ruby advice and tips will make you a better developer and will simplify your work! Prepared and explained by Paul Leoniuk, Rails code tips will bring you some interesting and useful knowledge. If you will have any comments, questions or suggestions, leave your comments under the post or under the original video on our YouTube channel. Today we’ll tell you about ‘Commands Pattern for(in) Ruby on Rails. Callbacks Killer’.

Neat collection of Ruby one-liners. Syndicode news

Neat collection of Ruby one-liners

Meet this huge collection of Ruby one-liners! Mostly file oriented stuff, like adding blank lines into files, adding line numbers into text files, counting lines, selective printing of certain lines… But very useful. As a bonus, you’ll find the links to the other lists with different Ruby one-liners!

Weekly trending Ruby on Rails repositories. September, 24. Syndicode Rails digest

Weekly trending Ruby on Rails repositories. September, 24

Despite this digest is called ‘weekly’, we assume that it is now rather ‘monthly’ issue of the most popular GitHub Rails open source projects. But such a period of time gives us an opportunity to select really great repositories and evaluate them to include here. And today, in still so-called ‘Weekly trending Ruby on Rails repositories’, on September 24, we’ll show high-performance implementation Ruby, Graphql-ruby, geocoding solution for Ruby, open-source testing framework, JSON:API serializer for Ruby Objects and many more cool projects!

Syndicode Digest #69 – Razorblade strokes. Syndicode digest

Syndicode Digest #69 – Razorblade strokes

All the week long we couldn’t wait for this chance to share with you all those interesting and important news we’re sharing today! Of course, we could write about each of them separately. But you must agree, that if a piece of news is included in the digest it has more value for the reader. That means it was selected and kept for the special moment. The same thing is happening with good developers – they don’t need instantly share all their knowledge, but to keep, accumulate and just use where it is most appropriate. Read our new Syndicode Digest #69 – Razorblade strokes. And listen too! If you understand what is hidden in the digest’s name…