Syndicode Digest #60 – Atavism adopter. Syndicode digest

Syndicode Digest #60 – Atavism adopter

History repeats itself. And we sometimes come back to the already forgotten basics that might seem actual as never before. Moreover, things we had at the start might be even more reliable than their promising modifications. However, the world is moving forward and we happy about nowadays inventions. But what will happen if one day Earth’s magnetic field will stop working? If it happens our ‘Syndicode Digest #60 – Atavism adopter’ will no longer be available for you to read. So enjoy it now!

Visit the 118th Startup Battle in Chornomorsk! Syndicode event

Visit the 118th Startup Battle in Chornomorsk!

Startups are what drive the industry and the overall progress of humans. Here in Syndicode we work with many startups and help them grow in successful, established companies. Recently we announced the 115th Startup Battle and Crypto speedSALE in Berlin that gathered promising startups to get the attention of Venture Capital funds and ICO Investors. Today we will invite you to the startup event in Ukraine! If you run a startup or want to invest in revolutionary business ideas that will change the world – you should be there! Visit the 118th Startup Battle in Chornomorsk, Ukraine, on August 18!

Join 'Focus on Blockchain' to apply technology to better the world! Syndicode event

Join ‘Focus on Blockchain’ to apply technology to better the world!

The world of blockchain now affecting every business and every country on Earth! Today we invite you to Bucharest, Romania, to become a part of an industry event that will be held on July 18-19. Focus on Blockchain is committed to bringing together tech-driven companies, entrepreneurs, crypto and blockchain fans and investors to explore the wealth of opportunities that blockchain unveils, learn about its use cases and understand how we can use it. Join ‘Focus on Blockchain‘ to apply technology to better the world!

Sails.js is a Node.js MVC framework inspired by Ruby on Rails. Syndicode news

Sails.js is a Node.js MVC framework inspired by Ruby on Rails

As you know Syndicode’s passion about Ruby on Rails, you wouldn’t be surprised with our next find. Sails.js is a Node.js MVC framework inspired by Ruby on Rails that follows convention over configuration principle. Sail.js allows you to quickly build REST APIs, single-page apps, and real-time (WebSockets-based) apps. It makes extensive use of code generators that allow you to build your application with less writing of code — particularly of common code that can be otherwise scaffolded.

Table football tournament in Syndicode. Syndicode office

Table football tournament in Syndicode

Last week Syndicode developers received a table football to start some sports activities in the office. This helps with team building and collaboration skills. But, what is important, we want our developers to feel comfortable and have fun even when they have a lot of work. Because a positive attitude means a lot in software development! Last Friday we held table football tournament in Syndicode!

Syndicode Digest #59 – Intrusive code. Syndicode news

Syndicode Digest #59 – Intrusive code

Our new ‘Syndicode Digest #59 – Intrusive code’ will be a real lighthouse for the lost developers. If you feel desperation and disappointment – you wrong! Because every effort you made, even if you can’t see the result for a long time, makes you closer to your goal. Even if you don’t know what your goal is yet. Keep trying and never give up!