Three periods in graphic design history

Three periods in graphic design history
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Graphic design is a very complex and interesting subject we like to explore. It is the process of visual communication and problem-solving through the use of typography, photography and illustration. It is common to distinguish three periods in graphic design history that we want to share with you. 

  1. Middle Ages
    In the scriptoriums of medieval Ireland, monks dedicated their lives to the task of documenting and preserving the wisdom of the ancient world. They spent years lettering, illustrating, and illuminating the Gospels, scenes from local history, and even pre-Christian texts — always by hand, and with tools that would strike modern creators as primitive. The illuminated manuscripts of the Middle Ages were typically created by monks, often working in concert, though some, like Nicholas of Lynn, worked alone.
  2. Punk publishing
    The world’s most famous fanzine began in 1977 as something completely different: radio show “Tim and the gang,” which covered the worldwide punk scene with a special focus on the SF Bay Area. Punk’s rejection of capitalism and authority all too often dovetails with the worst facets of what we now call “toxic masculinity” — from the riotous (if often surprisingly kind) whirl of the moshpit to the uncomfortably adjacent neonazi movement.
  3. Swiss design
    If you’re a modern designer, a “creative” well-schooled in the idea that design elements can shape and encourage certain desired actions over others, you might be surprised to learn that International Typographic Style — arguably the movement that most informs contemporary graphic styles — emerged from a desire to “represent information objectively, free from the influence of associated meaning.” 

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