Procodile process manager for development and production

Procodile process manager for development and production
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You could notice, that you often need many processes to make up applications. And if you’re on your own server or still in development, life can be tough. But we have something in mind that can make your life as a developer better. Procodile process manager for development and production. 

Here are some key features of Procodile you can try:

  • It works with standard Procfile files. If you need more flexibility, you can add an optional Procfile.options file to provide additional configuration.

  • It’s great for development and production. In production, everything can be run in the background with status monitoring built-in.

  • It handles process restarts gracefully. Procodile has a range of restart modes available to handle the graceful restarting of underlying processes.

  • It has an environment-based configuration. Easily set environment variables to provide consistent configuration options for all running processes.

  • It integrates with systemd. Easily link Procodile with systemd to ensure that your main supervisor process is started on boot and remains running at all times.

  • It has easy process logging. Procodile captures STDOUT and STDERR output from your running processes and displays it on screen.

You can easily try it all by yourself here.

Talking about development and production, we know some cool guys you can always count on. Oh, that’s we are! Ask Syndicode about custom software development!

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