10 main questions asked in JavaScript interviews

10 main questions asked in JavaScript interviews
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As far as Syndicode is looking for Junior Frontend Javascript Developer we decided to collect the concepts that are frequently asked about in web development interviews. By providing 10 main questions asked in JavaScript interviews we encourage you to join our team.  

We sure that most of you already passed the stage of the first job interview and know how hard it could be. The matter not only in your knowledge but in your confidence. And these two things are connected — the more you know the better you feel. So why not to get the proper preparation? We collected for you 10 main questions asked in JavaScript interviews. Look them through and say if you’re comfortable with all of them.

  1. Value vs. Reference — Understand how objects, arrays, and functions are copied and passed into functions. Know that the reference is what’s being copied. Understand that primitives are copied and passed by copying the value
  2. Scope — Understand the difference between global scope, function scope, and block scope. Understand which variables are available where. Know how the JavaScript engine performs variable lookup
  3. Hoisting — Understand that variable and function declarations are hoisted to the top of their available scope. Understand that function expressions are not hoisted
  4. Closures — Know that a function retains access to the scope that it was created in. Know what this lets us do, such as data hiding, memoization, and dynamic function generation
  5. this — Know the rules of this binding. Know how it works, know how to figure out what it will be equal to in a function, and know why it’s useful
  6. new — Know how it relates to object oriented programming. Know what happens to a function called with new. Understand how the object generated by using new inherits from the function’s prototype property
  7. apply, call, bind — Know how each of these functions works. Know how to use them. Know what they do to this
  8. Prototypes & Inheritance — Understand that inheritance in JavaScript works through the ] chain. Understand how to set up inheritance through functions and objects and how new helps us implement it. Know what the __proto__ and prototype properties are and what they do
  9. Asynchronous JS — Understand the event loop. Understand how the browser deals with user input, web requests, and events in general. Know how to recognize and correctly implement the asynchronous code. Understand how JavaScript is both asynchronous and single-threaded
  10. Higher Order Functions — Understand that functions are first-class objects in JavaScript and what that means. Know that returning a function from another function is perfectly legal. Understand the techniques that closures and higher order functions allow us to use

Based on Arnav Aggarwal material.

p.s. We assume that you already know the basics such as loops, functions, and callbacks.

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