12 main open source Elixir frameworks

12 main open source Elixir frameworks
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Today we announced ElixirConf EU in Warsaw and offered the discount you can use with our promo code. And we decided to devote this day to Elixir, sharing more information about this Erlang based language and related technologies. Sure, you know Phoenix and Nerves. But what about the rest of popular frameworks? Today we’d like you to meet 12 main open source Elixir frameworks!

You should know that most of Elixir frameworks are built for specific use-cases like system-level tools, APIs, web frameworks etc. They provide higher-level abstractions to Elixir developers which makes it easier to create large web application backend.

So, this is the list of

12 main open source Elixir frameworks

  1. Phoenix Framework – Web & API
  2. Nerves – IoT & Embedded Software
  3. Sugar – Web Framework
  4. Hedwig – Bot Creation Framework
  5. Plug – Web
  6. Trot – Web
  7. Placid – API
  8. Kitto – Interactive Dashboard Framework
  9. Maru – REST API
  10. Anubis – Command Line Application Framework
  11. Urna – DSL for REST Services
  12. Flowex – Flow-Based Programming Framework

Find the details in Murtaza Basrai article.

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