In 2017 Google has removed more than 700,000 Bad Apps

In 2017 Google has removed more than 700,000 Bad Apps
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Machine learning is proven to be a helpful step in this process, as the apps are identified with identifiers like malware, inappropriate content, and impersonation. About 99 percent of apps with abusive contents were removed from the Google Play store before anyone could install them. Summing up, in 2017 Google has removed more than 700,000 Bad Apps.

The effective detecting and removing abusive content from the Google Play was possible through significant improvements in the ability to detect abuse such as impersonation, inappropriate content, or malware through new machine learning models and techniques. Google have also developed new detection models and techniques that can identify repeat offenders and abusive developer networks at scale.

Check out what these identifiers mean:

  1. Impersonation. The major reason for the removal of any app is copy content, whether it is a written content, title or logo.
  2. Malware. Another major red flag is the potentially harmful applications which can be harmful to the device of the user. The list includes apps for fraud, phishing, and Trojans.
  3. Inappropriate content. According to the Google’s definition, the inappropriate content includes illegal activities, extreme violence, hatred, and pornography.

Go to Android Developers Blog to find the details.

Considering all of the stated above, make sure your app doesn’t have any kind of malware, inappropriate content or impersonations. If you were considering to develop an android app, you need to hire android developers which are proficient and experienced in their field.

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