33 concepts every JS developer should know

33 concepts every JS developer should know
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Last time we tried to explain to you JavaScript Object Paradigm and prototypes. Today we are ready to share 33 concepts every JS developer should know by Stephen Curtis. Here’s a bunch of useful resources including videos and tutorials to tell you about every concept in details.

The complete list of 33 concepts every JS developer should know listed below:

  1. Call Stack
  2. Primitive Types
  3. Value Types and Reference Types
  4. Implicit, Explicit, Nominal, Structuring and Duck Typing
  5. == vs === vs typeof
  6. Function Scope, Block Scope and Lexical Scope
  7. Expression vs Statement
  8. IIFE, Modules and Namespaces
  9. Message Queue and Event Loop
  10. setTimeout, setInterval and requestAnimationFrame
  11. JavaScript Engines
  12. Bitwise Operators, Type Arrays and Array Buffers
  13. DOM and Layout Trees
  14. Factories and Classes
  15. this, call, apply and bind
  16. new, Constructor, instanceof and Instances
  17. Prototype Inheritance and Prototype Chain
  18. Object.create and Object.assign
  19. map, reduce, filter
  20. Pure Functions, Side Effects and State Mutation
  21. Closures
  22. High Order Functions
  23. Recursion
  24. Collections and Generators
  25. Promises
  26. async/await
  27. Data Structures
  28. Expensive Operation and Big O Notation
  29. Algorithms
  30. Inheritance, Polymorphism and Code Reuse
  31. Design Patterns
  32. Partial Applications, Currying, Compose and Pipe
  33. Clean Code

Credits to stephenthecurt and leonardomso Also, find great open source repositories and interesting solutions on our JS Digests!

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