5 must have skills for junior Ruby on Rails developer

5 must have skills for junior Ruby on Rails developer
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At the moment, when you’re studying and you have enough knowledge how to create database, mvc structure and use capabilities of web framework like rails, you are looking for customers that will pay for you work or company that employ you and your skills. You’re starting the way “to junior Ruby on Rails developer”.

Do you think about money and interesting ideas for commercial applications? But there is one trouble. When you start, you will realize that there are some technologies about what you have to know before. It will make your work easier, during the development.

Junior Ruby man know about internatiolization and I18n

1. Internationalization

If you have read Michael Hartl, Peter Cooper and Agile web development with rails in the old edition you haven’t meet idea of site translate realizations. But in real-world project you will always have a site with different locales.

This feature has become from Rails 2.2. There is gem I18n. Why 18? Read the Wikipedia if you wonder. Please know how to use it. It’s easy and great. Also good practice you can watch here globalize gem and here hstore gem

Ruby junior know something about search engines2. Search engine

If web application has a lot of things to search, it’s not enough to use search in LIKE way. Your search engine has to find things with searching by letters, phrases, full-text. The most powerful engines suggest you ngram search algorithm. This algorithm divide your text on pairs to find it in db.

For example lets watch how does it work with looking for word «Iphone 7» :

I → Ip → Iph → Ipho → Iphon → Iphone → Iphone 7

Depending on the ngram step, user have opportunity to seek what he is needed for. According to search system configuration:

if step is 1, result of request will return all model that has letter «I» in title. If step = 2, it’ll return models title of what includes pair «Ip». Etc.

I have used Sunspot and Elastic engines. But I encourage you to try any from the Rails Search engines top.

Ruby junior man will destroy your deploy

3. Deploying

All of web applications have its hosting. As you know hosting by Heroku is easy to configure but very expensive if application isn’t lite. Every self-respecting rubyists has to know about deploying to VPS. It’s not very easy for rails newbie but sooner or later you have to try.

The most popular and «must have» technology is Capistrano. But nobody stops you to start with Ansible.

4. Syntax

You have some projects on Github? Try to show it for you future customer. Great. Customers impression is bad. Your proposal has been declined. Big ruby junior, why?

If the customer has little knowledge in IT, he has to see that your code is scary.

Yes you’re not senior. But someday somebody will improve your project, add new feature or rewrite to new version. So try to write right code. I know one thing that can help you. It’s popular ruby library Rubocop. After you finish just check your folder with command «rubocop -a». Why «-a». You’ll get this after you try. Just deal with it.


5. Git

Oh. Right. You know this.

You’ve tried «git add -A» «git commit -m» «git push». It’s amazing. Really.

But to understand how it is necessary in big projects you need to know many others commands. Try to finish this guide. You must know about pull request pray, rebase joke and push – -force best practice.

Have something to add? Comment and I will write about this in next post.

Wait next 5 things soon…

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