62 RailsConf 2018 videos available!

62 RailsConf 2018 videos available!
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Hurray! One of the awesome Ruby and Rails conferences we announced in out Ruby event calendar 2018 has already taken place in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States. And last week we found out that all 62 RailsConf 2018 videos available!

Find lots of useful information and insights from the recent RailsConf!

  1. Continuous Deployments and Data Sovereignty: A Case Study by Mike Calhoun
  2. Empathy through Acting by Roy Tomeij
  3. Mechanically Confident by Adam Cuppy
  4. The GraphQL Way: A new path for JSON APIs by Nick Quaranto
  5. Access Denied: the missing guide to authorization in Rails by Vladimir Dementyev
  6. Lessons in Ethical Development I Learned From Star Wars by Jameson Hampton
  7. Scaling the Software Artisan by Coraline Ada Ehmke
  8. The Doctor Is In: Using checkups to find bugs in production by Ryan Laughlin
  9. Debugging Rails Itself by Sean Griffin
  10. Booleans are Easy – True or False? by Craig Buchek
  11. Devly, a multi-service development environment by Eric Hodel and Ezekiel Templin
  12. All Onboard: Cruising on the Mentorship by Gretchen Ziegler
  13. Down The Rabbit Hole: An Adventure in Legacy Code by Loren Crawford
  14. Operating Rails in Kubernetes by Kir Shatrov

and other 48 videos can be found here. Stay tuned and join the other tech events this summer!

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